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 “Astrong military defense force is the best way to maintain national sovereigntyand deter foreign aggressors.” Military defense means defending and protecting the citizensof a nation, state or territory against an attack or expropriation by strategicallymeans or other means such as using lethal and deadly forces, technologies andweapons. National sovereignty is the power of a nation to do everythingnecessary to govern itself, such as implementing rules and laws, imposing andcollecting taxes and making important decisions that might or might not benefitthe nation and also to be involved with treaties and engagement and alliancethemselves with foreign nations. 1Foreign aggressors refers to assailants which are not from the nation, foreignersor outsiders in short that initiates any form of hostilities towards orthreatens the nation’s welfare.Having a strong military defense force for a country isimportant, it allows the country to be prepared and ready to face anyaggression towards them in the event of either expected or unexpected onslaughtor overthrowing of the country. A strong military defense force can also be astrong deterrence, it can stop any attack, invasion or breach before it is evenbeing executed.

Establishment of military bases and network outside of countries andnations The establishment of military bases and network outside ofone’s country or nation allows them to have a better networking, trainings anddeployment in different situations and environments, which also allows them tohave better exposure. When allowing a foreign nation to establish militarybases in their soils, an alliance will be formed between the nations which willbenefit both sides as intelligence and strategies will also be shared if bothside comes to an agreement. If the host country has the land and were to belacking on military weapons or technologies but another nation seeks lands butyet they happened to be a big player in possessing more advanced militaryequipment, both will benefit from the exchange which in term is called ‘mutualbenefit exchange’ and thus adding more military presence and improve diplomaticrelations between the two nations. 2While being known for having military bases all around theworld, countries and nations are viewed as being powerful. Think of it as beingthe key player in a trade, this means that you are the dominating in your lineof trade and you would have a bunch of customers and consumers – this is thesame as proving your military dominance, nations and countries would comecalling for your help and expand your military might and presence as asovereign nation. Being powerful means the nation don’t really get the answer’no’ often, other nations and countries will be more than willing to have your militarybases to be implanted on their soil, even on lands or areas that arerestricted, officials will still find a way to have the powerful andintimidating presence of a key dominant player on their land and this willfurther expand the nation’s military presence in the world. When there’s astrong military presence, it will deters foreign aggressors. How will having alliance with other nations and countries, astrong military presence in the world etc.

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deters aggressors you may ask. Theexpanded network and intelligence shared within the alliance deters anyassailants, take them out and prevent any undesirable consequences such asinvading of the nation, threats to the citizens or to overthrow the sovereign.The INTERPOL is anexample of gathering law enforcement officials in their member countries tofight against International crimes. Another proof of how having expandedforeign military network is a form of deterrence would be the capture of MasSelamat, which the Singapore’s Internal Security Department (ISD) andMalaysia’s Malaysian Special Branch (MSB) shared their intelligence and workedtogether to try and track down and locate the said terrorist. By workingtogether and having an alliance, which is also expanding the nation’s networkand intelligence, it allows the Special Forces to track down other terrorists andinterview them in pursue of those aiding Mas Selamat.

3  One of the method of Singapore to strengthen the militarydefense is by implementing the national service. Upon reaching the age of 16.5years, all male Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents are liable forNational Service ranging from 1 year and 10 months to 2 years while the femaleswill serve as volunteers. During the national service, most of the specialistswill get to conduct their training overseas with affiliated countries such asTaiwan4and Australia5.Upon finishing the national service, they will be declared as OperationallyReady NS men and will be liable to report back for reservist for another 10years.  This will ensure thatSingaporeans are always ready and prepared for combat in case of any invasionsor attacks from foreign aggressors.

 The above is an image of North Korean females serving themilitary. North Korean has implemented a mandatory military service for male atthe age of 17 for 10 years and female citizens will serve at the age of 17 andwill serve until the age of 236.Comparing to Singapore, North Korea does not depend or affiliate itself withother countries but they still have a very strong military defense, with thoseadvanced weapons and technologies that it refuses to share with the world.Unlike Singapore, military services and training are conducted within thecountry itself and does not expands its military base, network or intelligenceoutside of its country.Another factor that could threaten nation sovereignty is theinternal threats a nation may face. Internal dissatisfaction, poverty, welfare,lack of fairness and justice can weaken a sovereign state. To maintain nationalsovereignty is also to keep the provide welfare for the citizens, keep themsafe, happy and well fed.

Ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for thecitizens and they would be united and support the authorities and leaders andinternal satisfaction can maintain a national sovereignty too. To conclude, strengthening a nation’s military presence candeter foreign aggressor and maintain the national sovereignty and this can bedone also by the countries and nations forming alliances with one another andit need not be a big player dominating and being top of the chart. After all,what people truly want is peace.


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