a) England’s capital city. As he returned to

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a)     LifeThomas Hardy, a great English poet and novelist, was born in the smallvillage of Higher Bockhampton, located in the county of Dorset (or Dorsetshire),England, on 2 June 1840, to Thomas Hardy Sr., a master stonemason and a localbuilder, and Jemina Hand, a well-read woman. His mother educated Thomas until hewas eight years old. Then he went to attend school for the first time atBockhampton.

He furthered his education at Mr. Last’s Academy for YoungGentlemen in Dorchester. Thomas studied there for several years English, Latinas well as other subjects, demonstrating academic potential as a young boy. Whenhe was sixteen years old, due to lack of financial means to further his education,Thomas left his studiesin the middle and began working as an apprentice nearbyJames Hicks, an architect in his province.As we can understand from above mentioned, untila certain point in his early life, Hardy had a modest upbringing.

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However, hefound himself working successfully as an architect in Londonwhen he was 22years old. There he enrolled as a student inKing’s College London. Histalent was “translated” in prizes given by Royal Institute of BritishArchitects and the Architectural Association. He spent five years inLondon, butdrew back definitively to Dorset, settling in the seaside town of W0eymouth,because supposedly he did not feel comfortable with the urban environment andthe class prejudice he felt while mixing with the rich and the bourgeoisie ofEngland’s capital city. As he returned to the countryside, Hardy started toconsider an alternative career as a novelist.Thomas Hardy married twice. In 1874, he married Emma Giford, thedaughter of a solicitor.

He met her in 1870, while he was working as anarchitect on the restoration of the St. Juliot Church in Cornwall. They settledat the Max Gate house, designed with passion by Hardy himself and built by hisown brother.

Hardy became estranged from his first wife and married FlorenceEmily Dugdale, a children’s story writer as well as his secretary at that time.His second wife was 39 years younger than him, but it seemed that his love forhis first wife was eternal. His Poems 1912-13 are an expression of his sorrowsand his grief about her death in 1912. Thomas Hardy died on 11 January 1928 becauseof a cardiac arrest and old age

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