a new spirit of change

People who leave a country

People who settle in a new country

The cheapest deck on a ship

Forces that push people out of their native lands and pull them towards a new place
Push-pull factors

Name some push factors
?population growth?Agricultural changes?Crop failures?Industrial revolution?Religious and political turmoil

Name some pull factors
?freedom?economic opportunity?abundant land

Where did many Germans move?

Why did Germans like Wisconsin?
Climate allowed crop growth

A severe food shortage

a negative opinion that is not based on fact

native-born americans who wanted to eliminate foregin influence

who published articles that made fun of society in the early 1800s?
Washington Irving

a european artistic movement that stressed the individual, imagination, creativity, and emotion

American landscape painting rather than Classical subjects
hudson river school

new england writer who urged americans to delvelop their own beliefs
Ralph Waldo Emerson

a student of emerson’s who followed his advice and then wrote about the simple home he had in Walden
Henry David Thoreau

a new philosophy that taught that the spiritual world is more important than the physical world

a form of peaceful protest where protesters refuse to obey laws
civil disobedience

argued for women”s rights in her book, Woman in the Nineteenth Century
Margaret Fuller

wrote poetry that praised ordinary people
Walt Whitman

wrote short poems about God, nature, love, & death
Emily Dickinson

wrote horror stories as well as the first detective sorty
Edgar Allen Poe

wrote The Scarlett Letter
Nathanial Hawthorne

wrote Moby Dick
Herman Melville

a meeting to reawaken religious faith

the renweal of religious faith
Second Great Awakening

a campaign to stop the drnking of alcohol
temperance movement

a group of workers who band together to seek better working conditions
labor union

stopping work to demand better conditions

leader of the MA board of educationcalled education “the great equalizer’
Horace Mann

a reformer from boston who fought to improve the care of the mentally ill
Dorothea Dix

the movement to end slavery

a former slave who eventually bought his freedom and became an accomplished abolitionist speaker
Frederick Douglass

a former slave who escaped and lived with Quakers and became an abolitionist speaker
Sojourner Truth

an above-ground series of escape routes from the north to the south
underground railroad

an escaped slave who made 19 journeys as an underground railroad conductor to help free other slaves
harriet tubman

an abolitionist who, along with Lucretia Mott, held the Seneca Falls Convention
Elizabeth Cady Stanton

a convention held for women’s rights
Seneca Falls Convention

the right to vote

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