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   A steel roller coaster goes fast due to  the help of current technological advances. This is the reason why roller coasters are able to create the extreme, steel roller coasters that are made today(“Wooden steel”). Most people prefer a smooth ride and the insane heights that steel coasters could ever offer.

Steel roller coasters have many different varieties more than wooden roller coasters could offer (“Steel Coasters vs Wooden coasters”). From the lasts few decades they had brought us many new types of diving flying inverted  coaster.  Many steel roller coasters may “mostly in general” end with more energy at the final break when it stops than wooden roller coasters (“Wooden vs steel roller coasters”). Over the years roller coasters have evolved to go taller and faster and could do things that people can’t imagine that wooden roller coasters could ever present.  With a steel roller coaster, they may lose more energy than a wooden roller coaster because of the loops and the other elements that generally absent from the wooden roller coaster. Steel roller coasters may lose more energy due to the use of plastic tires but, they still have tracks that are made out of all steel. Within the past 50 years, the world has been competing to constructs the biggest, fastest,  and the amazing steel roller coasters of all time (“Steel coaster vs Wooden coasters”).    With wooden roller coasters, they are structurally made with a wooden track and steel rails.

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The wooden coasters receive their name mainly because of the wooden track that they have. The wooden roller coaster has other metals besides just wooden that constitutes steel, steel lattice, and truss. Due to the amount of wood, these roller coasters mostly lack corkscrews, loops, overbanked turns (“Wooden vs Steel”). Wooden roller coasters have their own benefits, wooden roller coasters seem to give people more “wild” ride than their steel counterparts.  Wooden often relying on a rougher ride with a structure that seems to be unsteady which make it produce fear ( Wooden steel”).

With the main wooden structure of wooden coasters sways when the carsare pass on the tracks in order to prevent the collapsing due to the weights of the cars. With the cite of the rollercoaster, it acts as a shock absorber which reduces the force that is applied per second. Wood coasters aren’t meant to be smooth, they are built to feel wild and out of control. People might think old wood coasters that shake and rattle will fall apart underneath people, but the fact is that none of the wood on them was there when it was built, they are rebuilt all the time (“Wood vs steel”) The energy that is gathered by a rollercoaster as its acceleration over the track it may be lost due to several reasons.

Even though many steel roller coasters are  faster than your average wooden roller coaster, the construction of the steel roller coasters may cause a greater amount of energy that is lost. The ride of the wooden roller coaster is much different than a steel roller coaster (“Unknown”)  It mostly has then tended to be uneven and a bit more high rasing than on steel versions  because of the wooden track that moves perhaps as much as three-quarters of an inch as a train passes.  This may give riders the idea that the whole affair is a bit rickety. Wooden roller coasters get their name from their use of running rails made of flattened steel strips that mount on laminated wooden tracks, though their support structure may be a steel lattice or truss as well as wood (“Wooden steel”).

Steel roller coasters cost way more to build than it takes to build a wooden roller coaster. When they build steel roller coasters they have loops so it is going to cost a lot more. To build a wooden roller coasters it can cost up to $1 Million if it was 30 feet tall. To have a wooden roller coaster be 160 feet tall it would cost up to $10 million dollars. If a steel roller coaster were to be 70 feet tall, it would cost $2 million.

With a steel roller coaster that is 300 feet tall, it will cost up to $25 million. To build a fully themed roller coaster at Disney world it will cost as much as $100 Million dollars. In fact, the roller coaster called Gravity Group that cost 5-10 million dollars to build. (“Rollercoaster”). At six flags in Cedar Point, the two largest independent amusement park operators in the United States, they each generated about $1 billion a year in revenue. With the 2,398 roller coasters that are in the world only 164 of those roller coasters are made out of wood.

The rest of the roller coasters are made out of steel. The newest steel roller coaster costs more than $20 million to build (“10 Facts about roller coasters”).The tallest steel roller coasters with single conventional lifts are just more than 300 feet tall. The tallest wooden roller coasters with single conventional lifts are just more than 200 feet tall.

A steel roller coaster of one length is generally taller than a wooden roller coaster of the same length because it is easier and safer to build the steel structure at a larger height than it is to build the wooden structure. Steel of a certain width and length can hold more weight than wood that is the same size. Steel roller coasters typically go a lot faster than wooden roller coasters, and the ride is often much smoother on steel roller coasters. The first ride to go as fast as 100 mph was the steel roller coaster of California’s Magic Mountain, known as Superman the Escape. The roller coaster takes about seven seconds to go from zero to 100 mph. Superman the Escape stands 41 stories tall. The fastest wooden roller coaster is The Son of Beast, which reaches 78 mph.

The longest wooden roller coaster is The Beast, which has 7,400 feet of track. Both The Beast and The Son of Beast are at Kings Island amusement park in Ohio (10 facts about roller coasters”).    There is a lot of things that go into the physics of the roller coasters. You need potential energy for a roller coaster to go down the first hill, once the coaster’s train has already been pulled up the initial hill by a series of chains and clamps. When the roller coaster goes down the hill in the cart, that is converted to  Kinetic Energy. When people are building the roller coasters, they have to find out the rate of what it is going at. They have to have find the velocity so they know the speed of the coaster going in the given direction.

 Momentum is the roller coaster moving and it is measured in velocity. Acceleration is a big part of the roller coaster because acceleration helps increase the rate or speed of the roller coaster. Inertia with a roller coaster, it is the property of something that stays in a straight line. There is a lot of forces in a roller coaster, a net force is when the cart and the track of the roller coaster come to one object there are balanced forces in the roller coaster are two forces that are acting in opposite directions on an object. There are some unbalanced forces that are used when the object is at rest and will not move.

In the rollercoaster, there is a lot of motion which is Newton’s first law. There’s friction in the rollercoaster it is when the city and the track are together and it creates friction. With Newton’s 2nd law it is used and the mass and acceleration affect the roller coaster. With Newton’s 3rd law with the roller coaster for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Wooden roller coasters and steel roller coaster are amazing roller coasters.

Steel roller coaster have bought new and approved roller coasters for many decades. Wooden roller coaster make a suspenseful ride. The wooden is all shake and ricity and it creates an amazing roller coaster. Wooden roller coasters give you a jerked feeling when you go on it. Steel roller coaster gives you a smooth ride but it is fun because of the sharp turns and the amazing heights.Over all steel and wooden are both extremely fun roller coasters to go on.

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