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Last updated: September 20, 2019

         A concise definition of  Semantic Medical Access under consideration,as well as scope of related literature being investigated. Although survey alsoevaluates methods and results of SMA.            Overviewof characteristics of Semantic Medical Access are narrow but grouped findingsrelating to SMA. ·     TheInternet of things for comprehensive survey paper says that use of semanticmedical access can share large amounts of medical data by using differentontologies. Medical semantics have received a wide attention by IOT basedhealth care apllications. This paper have discussed issues of semantic medicalaccess in context with IOT environment.

This paper is written by S.M.Riazulislam and etc.·     Ubiquitousdata accessing method in IOT based information system for emergency medicalservices paper says that a network healthcare operations to provide a holisticview. Applications of this paper, are A network centric perspective into designand development of any pervasive healthcare intervention.

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Future scope of thispaper is to apply these techniques to treat the patient with modern technologywith the help of IOT. This paper is proposed by Boyi Xu, Li Da Xu etc.·     Semanmedical: A kind of Semantic medical monitoring system model based on the IOTsensors, paper says that a lot of medical sensors have came into existence tomonitor patients data and this paper ever saying how to organize medical sensordata in database. This paper is proposed by Gaigang Zhang Chao Li and others.

·     InterconnectionFramework for m-Health and Remote Monitoring based on the IOT. This paperexplains about the end to end framework to monitor a person and it also discussabout a critical issue for data mining, trending and analysis which plays amajor role in mobile e-health monitoring system. This paper is proposed byAntonio J Jara and etc.·     TechnicalModels and key technologies of E-Health monitoring this paper explains aboutE-health monitoring ecosystem and current E-health monitoring market segmentsin 3 different models. This paper main objective is to implement a keytechnology which support for service support platform.

This is written by XueqinJia etc.·     AnticipatingHealth hazards through an ontology-based, IOT domotic environment this papertells about the how embedded system are used in IOT and it also explained howto analyze and collect the data from the health sensors they have implemented anew ontologies that automatically take distributed environment contextinformation. This paper is proposed by Vittorio Miori. And etc.·      

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