A poem, Cirilo Bautista writes: “He was, a

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Last updated: June 18, 2019

A poem elicits thecritical and creative thinking of the readers. The poem, A man falls to hisdeath by Cirilo Bautista, can be interpreted as a suicide or as a murder. Both havedifferent meaning however; their similarity is connected to the concept ofdeath. After analyzing and understanding the text, I concluded that, thecharacter of the poem committed suicide.

 In his poem, CiriloBautista writes: “He was, a day ago, threatened/With dismissal for displeasing a superior”(22-23). The character, being lower in rank, got anxious; which eventually ledto the thought of committing suicide. In connection to the biography ofBautista and the political context of the poem, Bautista worked for FerdinandMarcos and was familiar that the Marcos’ administration marked a bloodyand controversial period in the Philippine history. Why? Because he used hispower to control innocent lives of many Filipinos which can be the reason whyarts and literature thrived at that time.

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Filipinos exposed the immorality ofgovernment officials, fought for freedom, and flourished their nationalism by artsand literature. Up untiltoday, we still have many immoral officials in our country. Even our presidentis given that title since he started implementing Extra Judicial Killings inthe Philippines. There were recent arguments that have called R. Duterte’sadministration as the same as F. Marcos’ administration; a bloody andcontroversial government. In connection to the poem, when someone abuseshis/her power or authority, people around him/her would have a taste of hell.

Filipinosmay not commit suicide, but by the mere fact that a displeasing administrationis running right now, it feels like we are already dead.             Anotherquotation from the poem, Cirilo Bautista writes: “ashadow traced the lines on his foot, while shoot/his brain with firelights themoney did” (7-8). The word “shadow”, is a metaphor for the character’s mentalhealth (anxiety or depression). It explains that his mental health embraced hiswhole being, leading to a suicidal ideation. The word “firelights”, also is ametaphor for what triggered or sparked him to commit suicide was the threat ofthe his superior.            In addition, I concluded that Bautista wrote this poem toraise awareness on mental health because in Japan, where he was exposed as aprofessor, mortality rate of persons committing suicide is high. This poem can showa light on the mental health of Filipinos.

Through the concept of math, Bautistatried to convey a message that in reality, when we encounter mentally illpeople, we try to understand them but we tend to invalidate their feelings andgive up on them. It’s the same on what happened when I read the poem, I had ahard time understanding the poem and eventually gave up.             In relation to the journal article,both article and poem don’t have a clear ending. However, in the poem, it is upto the readers to interpret the ending while in the article, the ending must bebased on facts. Moreover, the poem drives an emotional and figurative trackwhile the article is straight to the

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