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In this essay, I am traveling to reexamine the book titled To Every State under Heaven. I will near this book reappraisal by summarizing its contents harmonizing to the chapters of the book. Finally, I will reason by giving my personal contemplation on how the book fulfils its aims.


Chapter ONE – THE Launching OF THE INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY( ACTS 2: 1 – 5: 42 )The spring of the Holy Spirit on the twenty-four hours of Pentecost Markss the beginning of this new community of trusters.

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Many Jews from different parts of the universe were gathered to observe the banquet of Pentecost. The assortment of people present on the twenty-four hours of Pentecost enhanced the diverseness of audience for the Apostles. Peter became the spokesman for the remainder of the apostles on the twenty-four hours of Pentecost.The New Community begins to take ShapePeter through his exhortation offered the audience the chance to be portion of a new community of trusters. The people accepted his invitation, about three 1000 psyches received redemption through Peter ‘s sermon. This new community is characterised by a life of committedness to God and their concern to each other.


( ACTS 6:1 – 8 ; 40 )

The Seven appointed by the ApostlesThe new community consist of Jews from different cultural scenes. There are traditional Jews and Hellenistic Jews.

Due to the ailments from these two Judaic groups, the Apostles appointed seven work forces to function in the public assistance commission. Stephen, one of the seven chosen, performed marks and admirations among the people. Opposition arose against him and he was stoned to decease. A certain adult male named Saul supervised the Killing of Stephen.

The persecution against the Apostles, lead to their being dispersed to other metropoliss outside Jerusalem such as Samaria and Antioch. Philip the Evangelist was instructed by an Angel to fall in a certain Ethiopian Eunuch on his manner to Gaza. The Eunuch, after his brush with Philip, received Salvation and was later baptized.


The Conversion of SaulSaul on his mission to Damascus had a godly brush with Christ which changed the remainder of his life.

After his transition, he began his prophesying ministry in Damascus. His association with the adherents provoked the high priest and the Judaic leaders, they plotted to kill him and he finally escaped to Jerusalem.Peter and Cornelius, the Roman Centurion ; Gentiles respond to the good intelligence.

Peter during his clip of supplication, received celestial vision. This experience led to his credence of invitation to see Cornelius, the Roman Centurion. During his visit, the family of Cornelius received the spring of the Holy Spirit. This important event in the house of Cornelius marked the beginning of the inclusion of the Gentiles into the new community of trusters. The Good intelligence was Proclaimed and many believed in Asiatic Minor through Paul ‘s first missional journey.

Chapter FOUR – THE OUTREACH TO THE GREEK ( ACTS 16:1 – 20:38 )

Paul, during his missional journey reached Derbe and Lystra.

He met Timothy the boy of a Judaic truster but his male parent was Grecian. Paul circumcised him and he ( Timothy ) , joined his missional squad. They both went through the territory of Phrygia and Galatia, and finally settled in Macedonia. Whilst in Macedonia, Paul ministered to Lydia and she became the first convert in Europe.Paul and Silas travelled through Amphipolis and Apollonia, and finally ended up in Thessalonica.

Paul ministered in the Judaic temple, and many of the devout Greeks joined them in this new community of trusters.Due to persecution in Thessalonica from the Jewish community, the brethren sent Paul and Silas a manner by dark to Beroea. The Jews came to Beroea and stirred up problem which led to Paul get awaying to Athens.

After his mission ended in Athens, Paul went to Corinth where he met Aquila and Priscilla. This twosome accompanied Paul to Ephesus


Apostle Paul received a prophetic universe from Agabus from Judea. He warned him that the Jews in Jerusalem will adhere and turn him over into the custodies of the Gentiles. On acquiring to Jerusalem, the brethren received Paul. He subsequently went to describe the result of his missional journey to the leaders of the new community in Jerusalem.

After seven yearss, the Jews from Asia stirred up a crowd against Paul outside the temple.The soldiers and the centurions came to his deliverance and he was arrested. Paul defended himself before the Roman court. He subsequently declared his Roman citizenship. The Jews conspired to slay Paul after his release, but the secret plan was foiled by the boy of Paul ‘s sister. Paul was brought earlier Felix, the governor to support himself against the Judaic allegations. He was subsequently imprisoned for two old ages in Caesarea.

Paul subsequently appealed to the Emperor, and besides defended himself before King Agrippa and Bernice. Paul sailed in a company of soldiers to Rome, the ocean trip experienced a shipwreck and they landed in Phoenix near Crete. His ocean trip subsequently escaped to the island of Malta. After three months, Paul finally reached Rome. Paul subsequently presented his instance to the Jewish community in Rome. He remained at that place two whole old ages in his ain rented flat.


This book offered extended information about the Acts of the Apostles.

The book ‘s subdivision on Excursus is really enlightening in its content. Therefore, the writer has presented a good researched piece of academic stuff in his work.In comparing to Blomberg ‘s book Jesus and the Gospels which focuses on Jesus in the Gospel histories, Howard Clark ‘s book, specializes on the Acts of the Apostles.

The combination of these books, offers a balanced academic stuff to attach to the survey faculty Synoptic Gospels and Acts.


In drumhead, Howard Clark ‘s book on the Acts of the Apostles is an enlightening, classical stuff that will heighten the apprehension of the historical scene in the book of Acts. I will urge this book as an extra resource stuff to any pupil that is willing to see the full image of the background events that accompanied the Apostles in the early church.

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