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A retail strategy is inwhich you plan how to make more sales in your unit or store .Lifecycle ofselling in a store have many facts .There are some In store retail strategiesthat most of retailer doing to have more sale.

·        How you should have to greet a shopper·        How to develop a relationship·        How to able to tell consumers thingsthey want·        How to handle the objections·        How to close the sale·        How to follow up the customer·        How to explain feature and benefitsThese are the essential strategies you need to learnfor approaching your customer in a good way. When you are looking for increasein you retail sale by focus on retail strategies .Many questions that you needto answer .First what is the best way to greet the customer at your shop .How Ishould start conversation with the customer .what are the questions that Ishould ask and what questions I should avoid while dealing with the customer.Get the idea which style or quality customer want and deal him with kindbehavior .You should quick to change the idea on customer negative questionsand you should also know how to close the sale and following up the customer sohe can be a crazy fan .

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One more thing present the features of the product andalso explain its benefits in the same breath so shopper can understand theproduct according to his needs .These are the some special strategies for Instore retail sales.Online retail strategies:Online shopping is a modern way of doing shoppingalthough its retail strategies should be modern as well .Here we are going todiscuss the strategies for online retail sales.·        Posting of daily new contents forcontinued growth·        Try to increase experience ofcommunities with social brooches·        Use of images while posting on Facebook·        Customer should feel ease to share andpin your products·        Use different titles in your Blog posts·        Should run different campaign to promotebusiness·        Shopping website should be user friendlyThese are the freshstrategies for online retailer and they can follow them to see a huge increasein their sale .Many companies adopt these strategies and feel a lot bettersales in their online shopping stores. Asses& Analyze the retail strategies of favorite three stores:There are my favoritethree stores for analyzing the retail strategies they haveo  Zara stores                   o  H&M storeso  Mango stores Zarastores:Zara is considered oneof the biggest global style groups which belong to Inditex, one of the world’sbiggest distribution businesses.

even as there are other names too in theinternational of speedy fashion, none of them has proved to be as a success asZara. The brand loyalty and income it has finished is primarily based on asmart strategy – a strategy this is smarter than all of its competitors. It isnot pretty much speedy style but smart style that fits its customer wishes andselections. every a success enterprise version has something mainly specificapproximately it. The purpose at the back of the achievement of Zara is itstailor-made retail method.

Zara retail storestrategies:·                    To evolve fast to fashion which thegeneral public demands.  ·                    To improve great. ·                    To sell a modern design which the publicdesires with satisfactory at an low-priced price. ·                    To have a really perfect distributionsystem, just in time.·                    A faster fashion logo with faster withquicker style cycles.·                    Smarter deliver chain with betterefficiency·                    Saving on markdowns.Business values of Zarabased on:·        Professional ethics ·        Commitment ·        Confidence ·        Loyalty ·        CreativityDue to all of theseabilities and best strategies in the world Zara stores are best of one in theworld .Zara is top leading company in the world at the time.

 Hennes& Mauritz Stores (H)H has a strong history in sustainability. Ultimately,we want to ensure that style remains enjoyed nowadays and for generations toreturn. However to create an absolutely sustainable style enterprise that isgood for human beings, communities and the planet, we need to take our work tothe following stage. Our imaginative and prescient is consequently to use ourlength and scale to lead the change closer to circular and renewable stylewhile being a truthful and identical organization.This vision applies to each logo in the Hinstitution, all of which percentage the identical passion for fashion andfine, as well as the ambition to serve our customers in a sustainable way. Inother words, we want to make sustainable style selections to be had, appealing andcheap to as many humans as feasible.

Moreover H hasothers retail strategies which defined below as follow:·        Consistentranges of recent productA excessive stage of newness 12 months-spherical iswhat defines H as a store. They ad infinitum delight their customers withof-the-minute clothing. Within the last 15 months they’ve dominated within theattempt to convey the maximum newness to consumer month-over-month .Clearstrategy around discounting H&M approach discounting in noticeablydifferent ways. H&M has exceptionally High levels of discounting for10 months of the year, promoting hard and fast in June and December.

·        Focusingon core customers H&Mawareness on the girl consumer, with fifty seven% of their contemporaryproviding being ladies put on. That’s a ratio they’ve grown by way of 6% in theclosing year, peeling returned from kids put on, down 6%.Thoseare the maximum important techniques that enable H&M shops to increasetheir sale around the corner.Mango Stores:MANGO isa Spanish garb layout and production company, based in Barcelona (Spain) viabrothers Isac Andic and Nahman Andic. It’s far from one of the well-knownbrands inside the world as follow Zara and H. There are some retail strategies of mango stores that maketheir sales more and more in the last few years.

·        Faster Fashion Even Faster:Just when you notion”Fast Style” couldn’t get any faster, MANGO comes to a decision it wants todepart its opposition inside the dust. In circulate that became probably a longtime coming, the Spanish apparel retailer announced on Monday that it’ll beclean its clothing series, each in-keep and online, each two weeks startingFebruary. As a profit-boosting maneuver, not anything approximately that isnew. Mango’s competition, particularly H&M and ZARA, had been employing asimilar tack for a while, with the latter’s shops receiving new products asoften as twice every weekMango stores do not have morestrategies as compare to ZARA and H stores but they doing work on morenew strategies and hope so they will be up to the mark very soon with their newproducts as well as new strategies.    Three retailers where from I do Shopping:·        ZaraStores·        Amazon·        Gucci ZARASTORES:Zara clothing stores one of the number one stores forshopping in the world. I have done a lot of shopping from Zara. I always likethe quality products they have and there different style from other companies alsoattracting the customers towards the clothes.

Zara’s products are best in the world and peoplefrom all over the world like their products for its fashion and quality. Mostlyi visit their stores when I need party dress or I am looking for somethingdifferent to wear. Color combination and quality of clothes i have found there unbelievableas compare to others clothing stores. Whenever I wear the Zara clothes everyoneask me where from you bought this and it suiting you so much that’s why I loveto wear Zara clothes. One last thing the Zara retailer behavior good as compareto others brands I have visited. AMAZON(onlineshopping):Amazon is one of the leading online shopping websitein the world.

Amazon has almost all type of things of daily life to use. Myexperience for doing online shopping is not good. I have done shopping fromdifferent online websites from which Amazon is the best one. Their rates arewell as compare to other online shopping sites and their quality is much betteralso from other online shopping site.I bought sometimes groceries and study stuff fromAmazon. One or two times I have also done clothes shopping which was not a goodexperience for me. Sometimes I do shopping from Amazon as I need things for mydaily use. It’s the only online shopping I have found good as compare toothers.

GUCCI:Gucci is the brand whose products quality is best inEuropean countries. Gucci has different type of products for all the genderslike Men, Women and Children. So it’s a complete store where from you can buydifferent stuffs for all the genders. Gucci includes Bags, Clothes, Shoes, Accessoriesand Special collections for the customers. After Zara I have rated Gucci 2ndbest Brand for shopping for In store shopping as well as online shopping. Gucciwebsite is user friendly and Provide a lot facilities to its customers.

  Comparisonof Online Shopping and Local Store ShoppingI prefer the Local store shopping is the best way todoing shopping because in this way can check clothes quality by yourself. Youcan try the size of the clothes and have different choices in front of you totry. In this way you can be totally satisfy with your shopping products and cando bargaining with the retailer to decrease the price of the clothes. You willalso have chat with different type of peoples and a good experience which canhelp you in future. I do not like the shopping on internet because it isnot a good way to do shopping. You do not know the quality of products, also donot what the size of the clothes and you also have to pay fix price of theproduct you want to buy.

Many times you do not get the same product as you seeon the site at the time of order. That’s why I do not like online shopping.In the end I always prefer the shopping from localstore as compare to online shopping. Because you do not want to be waste yourmany for low quality things and things you do not want to wear. Sometimesonline shopping work but it is bad way of shopping to me. I always like andprefer Local store shopping. Advantagesand Disadvantages of Online/Internet Shopping:ADVANTAGES:·                    Carrying matters is a component of the past ·                    You may do it after a few beverages·                    It’s clean to go back matters·                    Sending presents to spouse and children is easy·                    It may be cheaper than the excessive street·                    It’s tons greater handy·                    It’s less complicated to avoid distractionDISADVANTAGES:·        On-lineconsumers do not have the potential to bodily look into or attempt on theobjects being taken into consideration for buy.

·        On-lineshoppers now and again lose the electricity to barter the rate and paymentterms which can exist in nearby stores.·        Objectsordered online are sometimes returned ordered, however consumers may not findout until weeks later. this is especially elaborate while shopping forpresents.·                    On lineshoppers do not usually understand if a site is a valid retail save and if issafe to store.·                    Restockingand shipping prices are frequently charged on returns.·                    Onlineconsumers frequently do no longer have a person (or the same individual) totalk to whilst handling a problem.·                    It ismiles sometimes less difficult to get money refunded locally while the itempurchased drops in price within the guaranteed charge duration.·                    Onlinebuyers do not get to take gain of seasonal statewide tax-free buying event.

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