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A safer future to me comprises of five different sections, psychological defense, social defense, economic defense, civil defense and military defense.

 Total defense:::::::::: Psychological defense:To me, psychological defense is how resilient a person is and how he can persevere is pressuring situations. Having a fighting spirit is a key factor to whether or not a person would overcome challenges in times of crisis.  If each citizen is resolved and determined to overcome any crisis together, proud of their country and willing to stand up to defend what is theirs, they can be assured of a secure future, regardless of the challenge. There are a few ways someone can put psychological defense in action. 1)By being proud to be their countries citizen and being prepared to stand up to defend his or her country in times of crises.2)By developing resilience and the strength to return to our normal activities as soon as possible after a crisis hits.

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3) By understanding our history and the principles that helped Singapore succeed, and having a strong resolve to stay united and keep Singapore strong and special. Social defense:Social defense is when a nation has social and economic stability as all races and religions live in peace and harmony. Having social defense, people can better understand each others culture, heritage, and religion. Without social defense, there would not be peace in our society, thus having a higher chance of riots and in general more chaos and less fun. There are a few ways someone can put social defense in action.

We can be more sensitive and respectful of other races and learn more about their traditions, cultures, religions, and heritage. By befriending fellow citizens from other communities, and building strong bonds with them over common Singaporean experiences. Show greater consideration and understanding to new citizens, helping them understand our way of life, and sharing with them different practices of different groups here. And last but not least looking out for and helping the less fortunate and underprivileged among us. Economic defense:Economic Defense is about building up a strong and robust economy that can sustain a nation through economic challenges and national emergencies. It means that the government, employers and trade unions work together during peacetime to ensure that we have good infrastructure and our economy is competitive. Individuals also play a part by retraining and upgrading, and by keeping up with new technologies and new ways of doing things.

When we do this, we help ourselves remain employable as the economy changes. By doing so, a nation maintains national stockpiles of essential items to keep the economy going. Having a strong internet infrastructure allows us to prevent hackers from hacking into a nations database, securing all important and classified information. We can put economic defense into action by embracing lifelong learning and continual skills upgrading to adapt to the changing needs of the economy. Citizens can also save, invest wisely, and spend within your means and be prepared to ride through times of economic uncertainty.Adopt good cyber-security practices like securing our internet-connected devices and networks. Civil defense:Civil defense is when citizens know what do in times of crisis.

After a disaster, it is important to know what to do in order to help one’s country. Knowing when to pitch in and what to do can ultimately save not only his or her own life but save their families and their neighbors. Citizens can read up on what to do in an emergency and can participate actively in Civil Defense exercises, be it water or food rationing or community emergency preparedness exercises.Picking up life-saving skills such as first aid, CPR, AED, or fire-fighting. Or by being vigilant and looking out for suspicious persons or activities. Last but not least, Military defense:Having a strong military is crucial in any countries safety.

Whether it is protecting a nation from being attacked or by deterring foreign intervention, the military will do whatever it takes to defend his or her country. To remain operationally ready, a countries military personnel has to keep fit, train seriously and keep abreast of the latest military doctrines and equipment.  In conclusion, a person or country needs to have all 5 defenses strong in order to be safe.

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