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PROPER COMMUNICATION ROLES ANDRESPONSIBILITIES In order to ensure effective communication and compliance toMunicipality communication policy, the following roles and responsibilities areadopted: A.1 MUNICAPAL HEAD (MH)The MH is the Chief Communicator and Delegator for theMunicipality. He / she can delegate these responsibilities whenever required. He/she must command and assign proper roles and responsibilities to differenttypes of people. Such as Communications Head, Events Head and Publicity Head.B. PROPER PROCEDURES AND REGULATIONS The following Procedures and Regulations are the rules thatgovern the implementation of the Communication Policy. B.

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2 Internal CommunicationInternally everything must undergo a review process. Eachprocedures and regulations must be relayed in an email for documentation andmust be approved by the Municapal head upon publication or policy application.Also internal communication influences and helps the process within theMunicipal so a coordinated and aligned goal of the Municipal is achieved.The following communication tools and mediums are used tocommunicate with staff members:Newsletters, Posters, Notice Boards, Intranet, Workshops, Staff meetingsToilet notice boards, SMS and Pay slipsB.3 External CommunicationDuring external communcaition stakeholders of services andprogrammes of municipality will be notified by the Communcations unit.  For it to be effective communication toolsand mediums are used to communicate with stakeholders: such as Billboards, Radio, Television, eZasegagasini Metro, Metro beat, Road showsExhibitions, Conferences, Summits, Workshops, Internet and Newspapers. All external communication campaigns must be approved by theMunicapl Head Communication Unit.   Conclusion            Communication policies is one way to clarify what can beexpected when doing business with a community or specific company.

Baysicmunicipilaty functions as service provider which needed a basic strategy thatcan be adapted as circumstances demand. The intended audiences were identified and referred to throughout thestrategic plan but can expand to include employees at a later date.  Readers learn the types of communicationutilized by the company and how they impact shareholders.  Personal interaction, electronic messaging,social networking, phone call and email use, and respectability are importantpoints found in this policy in an effort to convey the integrity of the companyand dedication to transparency to all shareholders.   Change can be unsettling and the recommendedpolicy covers what shareholders and stakeholders can expect from Baysicsmunicipality prior to and during change.

 Shareholders are made privy to the knowledge that the monitoring processincludes the business owner; which indicates that documented information willbe used to hold the individual accountable and expects to improve servicethrough documenting communications.

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