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 Adepartment store’s retail mix would include:  Homeimprovement stores (Lowes, Home Depot’s, etc.) ·Customer ServiceHome improvement department store tend to focus in providingon customer service need and demand to meet their satisfaction of breadth ofservices. For having the right customer service from a chosen store and/orhaving hands-on assistant to customer residents. (Installation service ofdishwasher).

Or in general principles of having the appropriate varieties of productthat are demand that may be allot customers to purchases. In a reasonable pricerange of competition. ·Store designand display Home Improvement Stores tend to lay out their store for easyavailabilities of products to be located.

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For example, Tools such as hammers,and nails are located toward the front near the lumber aisles. Making it aneasy grab and go. For customer tend to know what hammer they prefer. And If you need lumber it would be located toward the frontfor easy loading.

Given its next to the hammer and nails. And if you need tomake some decision-making on refrigerator or dishwasher it would be toward thecenter. For it makes customer sit down and discuss options which they need nowand then. For garden supplies will be located toward a coordinatedsection of the store where it is open and airy. For the aisle are designed thatit doesn’t create a maze of confusion.

Home improvement stores also lean moreon displaying products that are support model on improving their home. And for products on displays that tended to be tested out at thestore before taking it home such as many hand tools like hand drills. Large ormore of a bulky product of display is more likely on the floors to be displayedas an impression to influence customer.

hey! Do it Yourself (D.I.Y.). and ifyou’re not capable we have the customer service to assist you.    ·Communicationmix It’s given that home improving retailer strategy on homeimprovement, remodeling and suggestion of DIY concepts. For Lowe’s applying theprinciples of expertise per store department into counsel customers in whatthey seek out. For instances a customer might be in need to know how to installa new sink into their bathroom or kitchen.

For Home improvement stores hascertain skillful who is knowledgeable of such things. Also, they are usingother services for assistance for bigger or outside the store support. When inhand Lowes will suggest their brand of product to customer with additionaldiscount or enticement to open a store credit card for a discount of productand services. Otherwise a third party will be provided to assist customers tomeet their satisfaction needs. For such home improvement store endorse instore,newspaper, TV and online media (Email, Facebook, etc.

). To entice such promotionadvertisement to attract new and loyal customer loyal. ·LocationsHome improvement stores such as Lowes and Home Depot leantowards opening their location base of demographics statistics in many similaritiesof a target market. For H.D.

leans more on baby boomers when Lowe’s leans onthe Gen X. But for they categorize Millennial are more be typical renters orliving with families then home improving enthusiast. For according to TheMotley Fool that H.D. and Lowe’s their shoppers are 55% men, 45% women. Withincome of $54,000-460,800.

For which is more of a factor then geography.  ·MerchandisemanagementHome improving store uses merchandise management such as instore display of tools, product testing or in store or external services tocustomer residents or businesses. Other consideration is their company brandingthat are visual to the public such things like moving boxes, tool. equipmentrentals or vehicle machineries.

In which can be offered with discount inseasonal or limited practices. ·PricingLike many businesses thru out the century. Home improvementstore giant like Lowe’s and Home Depot who uses a “Generic and intensivestrategies,” in which was generated by Michael Porter model of business.             Afull-line discount store’s retail mix would include: (Walmart, Target,etc.) ·CustomerServiceWith a close relationship with a department store retail mix,who sell certain product, but empathize more on customer service. For a discountstore retail mix is just still a type retail store which offers a wideassortment of products and specialized goods.

In a discount store business its retailgoods are the focus rather than a solid customer service for its clients.Offering products for a discounted price rather than high end merchandise. asin a department store.  ·Store designand displayAlthough there is numerous strategy in retail design and itsdisplay. However, like most retail business starts its strategy from the outthen within the store. First the outside display in the windows of merchandiseor banners to draw in potential and prior customer.

According to author Orvis, “90% of shoppers walk toward theright-hand side upon entry of a department then gradually toward a circulationflow.” For enticing shoppers, the high demanding product or promotional productare curtained there.  ·CommunicationmixA full line discount store can network on advertisement andpromotional to connect to the public about their business.

For business mustcommunicate to the public by always channeling the awareness about theirproduct thru advertisement. For discount store tend to create a desire to luretheir product for clients to come to their business and to buy their wide rangeof merchandise with an obtainable discount or deals. Either on or all newspaper,TV commercial and social media. ·LocationsA demographic data should be considered for analyze to determinethe type of market that is needed for the geography.

For that analyst then woulddetermine the location in what type of a full line discount store should beopen, but such approach have been around shopping center, business center, andisolated store (populace plays a role). ·Merchandisemanagement With a wide variety of products, a full line store inclinesto offer small discount for their merchandises. They can also offer lowerprices correlated to department store that offer as such with discount on bigpurchases.  ·PricingComparable to department store’s retail, pricing is similarfor the overall purpose of profit as clarified by the Porter theory. Since bothcan offer discount and sales in certain and specialized product. Each equivalentbusiness has more the tendency to compete alike companies. 

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