A this woman before. What could this stranger

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Last updated: March 11, 2019

A very unedited snippet from my upcoming book.

.thoughts??Most of my decisions are influenced by my spirit friends. Even the idea of writing thisbook was given to me by them. Pursuing my abilities and using them to help others has beenreinforced by them. There was a time when I started to feel that maybe this was not for me afterall. I had Janet telling me that I should continue with my psychic work and be patient becausethings were going to change in my life. I asked her to give me a sign to reassure me. What asign she sent me… I had just finished work and was waiting in the truck while my partner Dave went toget a quick bite to eat before venturing home.

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Usually he takes about five minutes, but this timeit took a little longer than usual. While I was waiting for Dave I was thinking about how thingswere in my life at the time. Work was not that great and I was feeling beat down by myeveryday struggle to get by. There was not much going on with the psychic stuff either. Ineeded something to shake me up and rock my world a little bit, something to make me say”Wow!” As I was waiting in the truck a woman about sixty-five or so knocked on my window.She was a very sweet looking woman with a friendly smile.

Wondering who she was, I openedmy window and asked her if I could help her. She answered me with a smile, “Don’t worrysweetheart, things are going to change and get better for you and your family.” I found this verystrange since I never met this woman before. What could this stranger know about me and mysituation? I asked her who she was, but she just smiled at me reassuringly and said, “We havea mutual friend in common.” Who could we have in common? I kept thinking to myself. I knewshe wasn’t a spirit; there was a woman who was definitely alive and talking to me.

Then hernext words to me were, “You shouldn’t waste your talent it, would be a terrible thing if you did.”This lady puzzled me. Again, I asked her who we had in common. This woman just went on tosay that I was special and should use my gift to help others.

I was feeling very anxious at thispoint. I felt like I was getting a psychic reading myself! She went on to tell me that my futurewould be bright as long as I really pursued my gift. At this point I felt like I was losing my mind. I kept trying to recall if I had met thiswoman once before.

I kept thinking, who is she? How does she know my name? How doesshe know about me? These questions were racing through my head. I asked her again whoshe was, but she still didn’t answer me. Then I asked her, “What are you psychic?” The womananswered me, “No sweetheart, I am not psychic, you are.” She started to walk away, but for asecond I just sat there confused. As I yelled out loud to her, “Please tell me who we have incommon?” She stopped, looked over her shoulder back at me with a smile she said, “You knowher as Janet, I know her as mom” and she continued to walk away. I could hardly catch mybreath from those words, I was stunned. This was amazing, Janet somehow sent her daughterto give me a message.

To give me the push I needed when I felt unsure if I should start to usemy abilities out in the open for everyone to know. I got my WOW! moment to help push mealong further on the path I am on today. You have to understand this was a big moment for me.I needed a sign and the dead sent the living to give me a message. I still get goose bumpswhen I think of that moment.

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