Aaron made such an impact on biology and

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Aaron KlugAaron Klug is not only a smart man from the University of Witwatersrand inJohannesburg, he is an incredible scientist and Nobel Prize winner. Born in 1926, he had to growup being seen as uneducated until he decided he wanted to expand his knowledge. His help indiscovering Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) made such an impact on biology and the study of lifetoday. The 91 year old is still alive and his incredible work of x-ray crystallography is aninfluence to many young and upcoming scientist.Aaron Klug is not just a hero to scientist, but allpeople and the genetics that make up their bodies.In 1926, Lazar and Bella Klug gave birth to a baby boy, Aaron Klug, in Zelvas,Lithuania. Although Klug was born in Lithuania, he grew up in South Africa. Klug had a basicJewish education and was never recognized for his intelligence.

Although he was never seen aswell educated, he was talented at writing and few of his pieces were even published innewspapers. At his high school, Klug spent most his time in the library reading novel aboutscience. One book that influenced him, Microbe Hunters by Paul de Kruif, well known in itstime, inspired Klug to practice microbiology. After high school, he attended the University ofWitwatersrand where he took premedical courses and biochemistry.

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He graduated with a sciencedegree and moved to Cape Town to research physics.While at Cape Town, one of Klug’s professors R.W. James, was an X-raycrystallographer. After studying under him, Klug began running X-ray analysis on small organiccompounds, which taught him the structure of matter and how it was organized. After CapeTown, he transferred over to Cambridge to work with F.J.

W Roughton to help him defeat theproblem of simultaneous diffusion and chemical reaction, such as occurs when oxygen entersinto a red blood cell. This work made him become more interested in biology. Klug obtained aNuffield Fellowship to work in J.D.

Bernal’s department at Birkbeck College in London in 1953.Kenneth Holmes and John Finch were research students who were able to map out the generaloutline of the structure of tobacco mosaic virus with Klug. It was during this time that he metFrancis Crick and who he published a paper with on diffraction by helical structures. Klug’s aimwas to sketch the outline of the architecture of the viruses, how they were made of proteinsubunits and DNA, and also to work out the chemistry of their parts, which he succeeded indiscovering. From this research, he could discover the structure in atomic detail.1982 was a big year for Klug.

It was the year when klug won the Nobel Prize. It wasawarded to him for his development of crystallographic electron microscopy and his structuralclarification of biologically important nucleic acid-protein complexes. Klug is now 91 and is stillteaching students in Lithuania. His work of elucidation t

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