Aavi to the Sun, in that case when he

 Aavi Patel #176th-grade IgniteMr. Gilbert ClassLiterary AnalysisLiterary Analysis The book,”Anpao”, was about Anpao overcoming his father ( Sun ) that had killed his mom and he having to complete his journey to the sun, therefore, he can marry Ko-Ko-mik-e-is. He has to go through strenuous obstacles for his path to the Sun, in that case when he reaches the Sun, the sun will have to relegate his scar.  As long as, the Sun had removed the scar on Anpao’s face, he would have permission to marry Ko-Ko-mik-e-is.   Ko-Ko-mik-e-is belongs to the Sun, so that’s why she can’t choose to marry Anpao.

  Anpao has to relive his own creation, and travel in “The World Beneath The World.”  Anpao has to battle through magical creatures. While he was on his journey, he noticed that his best friend turns into a “Snake Boy.”  Anpao had been through some dreadful disaster however, he still perseveres through hard times, some examples: Anpao splits himself in half ( half-brother ), he almost broke his leg and he couldn’t walk, and his mom suffers.  The theme of Anpao is spelled out clearly: to never give up and preserves through hard times, whatever the complication could be.

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One of my least strongest example of the theme that occurs in the book “Anpao” is Anpao splits himself in half.  Jamake Highwater uses different events in the story to create the plot.  In Anpao, he use the history of Anpao ( Main Character ) and the present Anpao, so he makes his stories very intriguing.  One day the main character, Anpao meets Grandmother Spider.  Grandmother Spider felt like an actual grandmother to Anapo, caring for him every step of his life. One day, she left to hunt for dinner.  Before Grandmother Spider left she warned Anpao to not toss the hoop otherwise something terrible would occur.

 However, when Grandmother Spider left, he was filled with curiosity to toss the hoop.  He was thinking about the consequences of his action but he absent mindedly tossed the hoop…  Instantly, he was split in half and he had a half-brother, Oapna.  Mostly whenever Oapna said anything he meant the opposite because he was contrary.  Suddenly, Grandmother Spider had come with some meat which was their source of food.  When she saw Oapna, she was really furious at Anpao of tossing the hoop.  Anpao said, “I really wanted to know what to know what would happen but at last, we, are happy.

”  Grandmother Spider replies, “You might go off, my dear sunshine-children, and find your adventures among the places beyond the world.” ( Page 76-77 )  Anpao and his half-brother really wanted to stay with Grandmother Spider but she rejected them.  Grandmother Spider lastly reminded them, “It is great pity, for now our happy times must end.” ( Page 76-77 )  By this, she means that they must be separated and they shall continue their journey.  From this text evidence, we can conclude how Anpao had never given up on himself or his brother ( and he preserved through this heartbreaking moment. My second most important example of the theme is when Anpao was traveling and he came up to cross the ravine on the fallen tree.

 On the fifth day of Anpao’s journey he came across from the camp of the moon, it had places like great streams, waterfalls, and valleys.  As the path continued, it narrowed down into a ravine on a fallen tree.  He tried to cross it, after all, he heard a voice so he looked at him but by that time he just lost his balance and fell backwards.  The text states, “Anpao spun around and caught a glimpse of a boy peering at him from behind a tree.

” ( Page   This is when he heard a voice and thought it was the boy but really couldn’t tell. He was really confused of what he heard and why the little boy was just standing there.  “But before he could speak to the stranger, he lost his footing and fell backward into the empty space.

” ( Page   This piece of evidence shows how Anpao though the boy had called him he didn’t know so Anpao suddenly fell backward, then twisted his leg under him.  After this Anpao’s leg was swollen very badly and could see different colors of shade, he could hear rushing water, and the stones beneath him turned into feathers.  When the night surrounded him he could hear nothing and it all felt empty.  Anpao never gave up and preserved through this hard time, in addition, he continued his expedition to the sun.My most important example of the theme is when Anpao loses his mom because the Sun killed her.  Anpao and her mom were searching for a large potato, but the Sun told her not to pick the ones on the top that were eaten.  One day, she and Anpao went to pick potatoes, and there she found a potato at which the top was eaten off.

 By the time, she picked it; Anpao’s mom took a peek inside and saw her mortal world.  The next day, she dashed to the same position and planned to tie a rope to the bottom of the world and she mounted down.  She wanted to enter her world but while she climbing down the sun noticed Anpao and her mom was missing.  In that case, the Sun had been searching for them.  While she was climbing down, the Sun had noticed her tracks, however; he noticed what Anpao’s mom was trying to do.  “At last the sun came to the place where there was a hole in the sky, Instantly, he understood what had happened and looked down through the hole.

” ( Page 68-69 )  As you can see, the sun figures out his wife didn’t listen to direction and found her mortal world so the sun had order hoop to kill his wife but to keep Anpao alive.  “And when you reach the woman at the end, hit her on the end and kill her!” ( Page 68-69 )  Of course, the hoop kills Anpao’s mom and she suffers.  Anpao never recalls the fact that his dad had killed his mom and doesn’t remember much of his childhood. Later on, when Anpao grows older he seeks revenge for his mom’s killer.

 He never really finds out who killed his mom but he never really find out throughout his journey who killed his mom. Anpao had to leave his mom at the village and survive by himself.  Anpao never gave up on himself and he preserved through this incident.  He will never quit on his vast journey to the Sun.

One lesson that can be learned from Anpao ( Jamake Highwater ) is to Never Give Up and Persevere Through even the hardest times.  Anpao had gone the through horrifying incident and he Never Gave up even though, Anpao was split in half returning with a contrary half-brother, and most importantly of all the Sun kills his mom.  Since, Anpao never ever gave up on himself and persevere through all the hard times he’s been through, therefore Anpao meet his life goal of marrying Ko-Ko-mik-e-is. Even though Anpao had lost his mom he never doubted himself or any of his actions.

He just thought about what was right for him and if he had given up on life easily, he wouldn’t be able to reach his end goal of life.  Obviously, Anpao had never given up on himself and persevered through hard times, finally reaching his goal of marrying Ko-ko-mik-e-is.  Credits: Jamake Highwater ( Anpao ) and Aavi Patel

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