Abandoned Baby

Topic: CultureMulticulturalism
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Last updated: November 22, 2020

In ‘abandoned baby’ a teenage girl called Donna becomes pregnant and after it is born she abandones it in a cardboard box wrapped in a tea towel at the bus stop. It is found by a girl from university and she takes it to hospital and it is in good health.The baby was named December Scofield as it was found in December and the girl who found it, had the surname Scofield.

The issues that arise are teenage pregnancy, parenthood, responsibility and financing.Donna’s Diary24 March:-I looked around everywhere, no one was around, so I slowly walked into the pharmacy and walked over to the pregnancy test area and picked up one of those packets. After I bought it I went home and tested myself..

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..I was shocked it had proved positive, I ain’t got a clue of what to do, I want to tell someone but who?25 March:-My friends today were noticing my getting big as it’s been about six weeks, I think? I hope nobody jumps to any conclusions.6 May:-I felt so sick today my mum almost made me go to the doctors, but I said I’d be fine and so I got away with it this time but still haven’t got the guts to tell anyone especially after what I heard my parents saying about my ex-boyfriend Steven, that he was a bad influence on me and that one day I would regret what he might do.

21 May:-My friends were saying where you going to get the money from and how you gonna look after it……

..? but I said for what? and by the looks of it they seem to be knowing what’s going on.31 May:-My clothes don’t seem to fit now, all I’m wearing is T-shirt and Jog pants all the time.5 June:-I went to the library today and got a book on parenting and read a bit and then fell asleep in the afternoon, I do seem to be sleeping a lot lately. Just before dinner my mum found that book I got and yelled as if someone had stab her, back to the point, she came running down and dropped the book on mu lap and said ‘what on earth is this book doing in your room?’ I was terrified, what was I to say? should I tell her? would she be supportive? but in the end I said ‘it’s for a school project and she relaxed like an exhausted flying bird. Then she said ‘for a moment I thought you were having a baby.’13 Sept:-It’s a start to the new term at school and all the others shocked to see me looking like a balloon.

I told them that I just had this problem which made me eat a lot but now I’m on medicine.15 Sept:-Today at school we organised a holiday for Christmas and they kept asking it I would come and I said yes so many times, they still won’t believe that there’s nothing wrong with me.23 Nov:-Mum asked me if I was pregnant with all the vomiting, she said she would support me and everything, but as it was I couldn’t tell her.3 Dec:-The baby was born today, luckly no one was home and I just fed it, gave it a bath and it just went to sleep, then I thought long and hard of what to do.

I couldn’t keep it my mum would kill me. My parents would be home in 2 hours. So then I just had to wrap it in a tea towel and found a large box and lined it with tea towels and put it in there, it was fast asleep and I was crying so much I just had to let it go I couldn’t face showing my parents after it being born and not telling them when they asked.So then I stepped out the house and went off to where the road led, then I came to a bus stop with lot’s of people there, I thought this would be the best place so when it cried someone would know what to do, just before I left it I put my chain on it, the one with S=D on it. Then I went off to the park for a serious think and thought that I have basically ruined the babies life and any hope of peace it may have had.

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