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Last updated: July 13, 2019

ABOUT US:Our company is Licensed and Insured with General Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance. We are a trusted and reliable business with more than 26 years of experience in the field.

We provide residential and commercial landscaping solutions throughout the Northern Virginia and the Washington metropolitan area. Our vast variety of services are among others: Landscaping design, Landscaping maintenance, Landscaping installation, hardscape, erosion control, and irrigation management.HOME::MISSION STATEMENT: Creative Landscape LLC provides quality services and workmanship to both residential and commercial areas in the Washington metropolitan area and Northern Virginia.

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We commit ourselves to serving with customer satisfaction guaranteed. We fulfill what we promise. We create remarkable landscape out of remarkable people.VALUES: We believe in honesty and integrity.        We believe in family and friendship.        We believe in hard work, quality and success.

OUR GOAL: Our goal is to achieve, conquer and grow nationwide as a company. Expand creativity as well as create careers. MAINTENANCE SERVICES: Creative Landscape LLC offers landscape maintenance to residential and commercial sites throughout the Northern Virginia region and the Washington metropolitan area. Our company can maintain your landscape throughout the year with services ranging from spring/fall cleaning, mowing, fertilizing, pruning, and other services that will keep your landscape looking beautiful in all seasons. We can take charge of your lawn care maintenance and provide services to keep your property well maintained. LANDSCAPE INSTALLATION: We specialize in landscape installation, with more than 26 years of experience. We create a design according to the climate and your needs. We can also bring life to your existing ideas with  multiple design options to choose from.

Our experience and knowledge in horticulture make us place the right plant in the right place for you to have a perfect landscape.     HARDSCAPE INSTALLATION: We also handle tasks like fireplaces, wall retainers, tree planters, driveways, walkways, stone patios, and fences.EROSION CONTROL AND DRAINAGE: Whether you need an erosion control job in your home or commercial site, we offer different ways to perform an erosion plan.

IRRIGATION MANAGEMENT: We control, manage, and repair your existing smart irrigation system.SEASONAL SERVICES: We offer installation of spring, fall, and winter seasonal flowers. For the Fall, we create entryway designs like pumpkin patch and potted mums. For the holiday season we set up Christmas wreaths, lights, and much more.

In the winter season, we take care of snow removal and anti icing treatment among other services. CONTACT US: Contact our company about your project:Creative Landscape LLC                  Contact:                                    Hours: Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm 9302 Nancy St                           Phone: 703-3617815 Manassas Park, Va 20111                 Email: [email protected]             Saturday & Sunday: Closed                                        

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