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Last updated: November 11, 2019

About us This site contains different types of contents, including Health, Fitness, Travel, Food, Festival, and many more. Basically, it’s a personal blogging Network (PBN) that coves most of the current and upcoming matters about above-stated topics. It’s up to date information through various articles would be helpful assisting all sort of people in our society. This all-purpose blogging site is a complete source of different topics in a single platform. Another purpose of the site is offering a good chance to learn several types of current issues with fun.

 About the PBN Site The site is based on eating, traveling, securing healthy fitness and much more issues. As we’re informing about what to eat or not, so we can avoid getting sick. Through the mealtimes lens, we are able to know how and what to eat and its people. As it states this one involve to a multi-platform focusing on foods, health, travel, stories, photography etc. the readers will get a storytellers community who like to go deep of a country’s foods, cities, and other interesting matters. We try our best to make the site as an inspiration for the people who like to crave for travel, exploration, food loving, eager to learn new things about worldwide countries and cities. It’s also helping those seeking job with travel. The site is a long resource of different tricks, trips, traveling scopes, procedures of travel with prices and many other essential things.

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People are also getting succeeded reading and following the instructions and information that are provided on this site. About the Site and disclaimerAfter getting more attraction to the site, we get an offer for some sponsored links and posts along with ad offers. But, we tried to keep the site ad-free. So, we are doing and not doing things as follows: Amazon Affiliates: The post where referred the books or products, then we link Amazon’s or other manufacturers’ page.

Clicking on any of the products, I recommend that’s available on Amazon or another manufacturer. This will make me able getting a minimum percentage of the price and it’s usually 4 to 6 percent. We don’t link to any product that’s not verified or tested. Product reviews: We don’t review products or cover any of them. Instead, we post various traveling contents that are actually traveled.

There’s a ‘Travel’ category for posting the travel-related contents and images. Book reviews: We sometimes review top and interesting books and list out interesting books for our readers. This is actually related to Food or Travel. We also like getting emails from our readers with their reviews of any travel or food-related books. No guest posts: Unfortunately, we don’t accept any guest posts or embedded links or sponsored posts yet. It can get an exception while we’re getting disclosed posting for any unavoidable cause.

 No Ads Generally: We don’t like to show any display ads or any others on our blogging site. But, we monetize through different ads or sponsored links. Also, we allow sometimes the creative writings and projects. This is an ad-free site. We’ll try to continue our ad-free integrity to treat our readers with full respect. 

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