Abstract: been focusing for a long time, the


                   Start-up is a basic thing that a
person trying to do something real and new, it
has high rates of failure, but the minority of successes includes companies
that have evolved as giant and market setters. People who use technology for being
entrepreneurs are called as technopreneurs, being born the risk in business in
addition to being accomplished the achievement level in innovative and
initiative a new kind of product and service to the community. India is
enjoying with the fruitful result on the progress of start-up environment which
it has been focusing for a long time, the best time for promoting the techno
start-up to be a pillar of strength in the forthcoming trends. The boom of
technopreneurs of our nation had been targeted by the developed countries since
2010. A new benchmark may be set in heavily offering number of opportunities to
extent the business, which is also a next level of the start-up environmentin
the current scenario and the efforts are taken by the Indian Government. The
Technopreneurship’s growth and contribution to the start-up technopreneurs in Indian
context are catered in this paper and in addition new schemes and well equipped
technology parks will be effectuated for the goodness of the new start-up.

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          Technoprenurs, Start-Ups,
Technoprenurship, New Schemes For Well Equipped Technology, Growth of Nation.


            Start-up helps the entrepreneurs to
make their business fruitful. This may have an impact in growth of the start-up
 in forth coming years of Indian economy.
Technopreneurs play a vital role with various achievements in the international
markets. In the part of satisfying the customers in a different manner, the technopreneurs
utilise the science and technology. This talent makes them ace in the business.
In international economic competition India is travelling in the right path to
make the achievements. In addition to educating the youngsters about
technopreneurship, the government and NGOs should take initiatives to conduct
training programmes and some practical sessions which make the technopreneurs
to face the real time difficulties in the start-up environment.

            To satisfy the global customers, India
has made some tremendous changes in corporate policies and improve the number
of industries in the nation. Also start-ups are playing a vital role and they
can make a historical change in Indian economy, so that we can compete
powerfully with our global competitors. It will give India a favourable
position across the world. The pitch is perfect to play the game so young
entrepreneurs should awake and enter into technical based entrepreneurship. To
reproduce the skills and arms of technopreneurs to implement new technical
products and services, also replace the existing products.


cannot forget the achievements of start-ups in 2015 and also2017’s achievements
made a feather to the cap of start-ups even after a recession in the year 2016.
The Indian scenario for start-up is being confident to prove itself.

there is a flaw in 2016 and it resulted in a reduced valuation . Flipkart
reduced its valuation fom $15 billion to $11.6 billion, Ola also reduced its
valuation from $4.5 billion to $3 billion, but it is only Paytm which has shoed
a huge raise in its valuation from $6 billion to $7 billion.

seems that the total deals of 2017 has come down to 509 from 1,345 in 2016and
also noticing the total funding, it has just gone down from $7,505 million in
2016 to $6445 in 2017. This itself shows that the market investors are
interested in participating in big funding rounds as well as are cautious and

            So that we can find that people have
not forgotten the raise of start-ups in 2015 and also the investors still are
optimistic and expect the path for development

half-yearly report on state of start-ups 2017, we can find the top 10 funded

Funded Startups of 2017 (YTD)

 Company (Funds invested)

1.      Paytm
($1.4 bn)

2.       Flipkart ($1.4 bn)

3.       Ola ($404 mn)

4.      ReNew
Power Ventures ($200 mn)

5.      Paytm
Mall ($200 mn)

6.      Greenko
Group ($155 mn)

7.      Delhivery
($138 mn)

8.      Hero
Future Energies ($125 mn)

9.      Spandana
Sphoorty Financial Limited ($100 mn)

10.  Swiggy
($80 mn)


            India is playing a vital role in
tech ecosystem in the world. India is competing with China effectively to lead
the place of China, the problem in India’s ecosystem is, it has been divided
into 2 major parts, and those are rural and urban, so that the ecosystem cannot
be spread all over the nation, though we have the potentiality for being No.1 in
the world.

            These 10 Indian technopreneural
companies made us world’s 2nd most popular country in the techno
start-up scenario:



1. Flipkart

            Bangalore-based Flipkart has been the
poster child for India’s tech startups since its founding seven years ago. The
ecommerce company raised $1 billion by the end of July this year, the largest
amount of funding ever procured by an Indian company. Given that it raised $210
million the previous year, Flipkart looks poised to become a $100 billion
company in the next five years — a fact its owners are planning on.

2. Hike

            Launched in December 2012 in Delhi,
mobile messaging app Hike
now has more than 20 million users. It’s growing exponentially, with more than
60% of users based in India and the rest in the Middle East and Europe. Hike is
available on all mobile platforms and has already received two rounds of
funding of $22 million.

3. Exotel

            Exotel is a cloud telephony company based in Bangalore. It
provides services like virtual phone numbers and telephony applications for
SMEs, eliminating the need for expensive call centers.

            The company received $500,000 in
funding from Mumbai Angels and Blume Ventures in March 2012, a year after its
founding. It now has more than 500 clients, with plans to add 1,500 more
customers by the end of 2014.

4. WebEngage

            WebEngage is a customer engagement toolkit that lets ecommerce
clients target site visitor segments to offer them online promotions, surveys
and offers. The Mumbai-based company works with thousands of customers in more
than 40 countries and in 2012 raised $500,000 from India-focused investment
company GTI Capital Group.

5. Druva Software

            Founded in 2008 and with more than
150 employees, Druva
provides more than 3,000 enterprise companies — as well as big-name clients
like NASA, Tesla, KMPG and Xerox — with high security data protection on an
easy-to-use platform that minimizes IT costs.

            To date, the company has received
four rounds of funding, totaling $67 million, from investors like Sequoia
Capital, Nexus Venture Partners and Tenaya Capital. In August, the company
raised $25 million.

6. Cucumbertown

            Cucumbertown is a social
network for cooks with an online library of thousands of recipes from some of
the world’s best chefs, influential bloggers and at-home foodies. The company
was founded in Bangalore and now has a U.S. office in Mountain View,
California, where it maintains an emphasis on its mobile platform.

            In 2012, the company received
$300,000 in funding from well-known investors like Farmville’s Sizhao Zao Yang,
AngelList and 500 Startups.

7. Zoom

            India has an annual $3 billion car
rental market, but parking in its biggest cities is nearly impossible. Since
2012, car-sharing startup Zoom
has taken on this opportunity by renting electric cars, a first for Indian

            The company has raised $2.9 million
in three rounds of funding and after originally operating in Bangalore, Zoom
now works in the trendy and emerging city of Pune, between Mumbai and the
beaches of Goa.

8. Reel

            Reel is a video messaging application that lets users record short
messages of up to 20 seconds. Users can also choose how many times the message
can be seen on a loop and then send to people in in their address book. The
recipient can then watch the video on a continuous loop before it automatically
deletes. The Bangalore-based company launched its app on Google Play in

9. Zomato

            Zomato has a curated list of more than 200,000 global
restaurants in 35 cities across 11 countries, from which customers can choose
and compare reviews.

After recently
raising $37 million for expansion into North America, Zomato’s restaurant
discovery business has moved on from its original model of users in India
scanning in menus to compare dishes.

10. Urban Ladder

            Urban Ladder was founded in July 2012 to provide a curated
destination for the urban Indian consumer to build beautiful homes. The website
provides the rapidly growing Indian middle class with a wide range of
contemporary designs of high quality, handcrafted furniture that blends beauty
with functionality. The company recently raised $21 million in funding and
counts Steadview Capital, SAIF Partners and Kalaari Capital among its backers.


            In the long way of our Indian history,
India has opened the gateway to launch its leg strongly in the global market;
in addition to that the technopreneurs also have made their participation in
the growth of the above part. Even though India needs to make some reforming
steps in its entrepreneurial policies, it should remove some constraints in DIC,
SSIC, NSIC and etc… for the wellness of technopreneurs. The above service institutions
are empowering entrepreneurs also it should empower technopreneurship on the
other hand in a equal ratio, so that the future will be based on both the
entrepreneurs as well as technopreneurs.


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