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ABSTRACT              The studyexamined the quality and welfare dimensions of Guadalupe CommunityMulti-Purpose Cooperative’s (GCMPC) microfinancing operations in order toformulate appropriate strategies or interventions. The objectives of the studywere achieved by adapting both qualitative and quantitative method of research.

Further, a case study approach was adapted by the researcher to be able togather substantial experience from the members of the cooperative which is alsosupported by the gathered numeric or quantitative data to derive a relationshipbetween customer satisfaction and the existing microfinance of GCMPC.             Review of related literature wasmade with the following topics: (1) Microfinance System; (2) Grameen Bank Modeland GB Method of Operation; (3) Microfinance in the Philippines; (4) GuadalupeCommunity Multi-Purpose Cooperative (GCMPC); (5) State of Financial Inclusionin the Philippines; (6) Financial Development and Economic Growth; (7) DefiningFinancial Inclusion; (8) Determining Data Needs: Demand-side and Supply-sidedata; (9) Variables needed to answer policy questions; (10) MicrofinanceProduct; (11) Quality Dimension; (12) Welfare Dimension; (13) Factors AffectingQuality and Welfare Dimension; and (14) Microfinance Operations Strategy. Thetheoretical framework utilized for this study was the Dimensions of FinancialInclusion (AFI, 2011).             The survey was conducted onJuly-August 2016 within the covered six chapters of the cooperative which ispart of Cebu City, Philippines.

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Furthermore, interviews were also performed todocument the business experience of randomly selected member-entrepreneurs ofthe cooperative.             The study found outthat most respondents were satisfied with the quality and welfare dimensions ofGCMPC’s microfinance program. Based from the findings, the top three factorsaffecting quality dimension is cooperative’s available internal financialresources, quality of human resource, and external financial resources fromdonor or fund agencies. Meanwhile, the top three factors affecting welfaredimension is education of respondent/borrower, duration of using microfinanceprogram, and value of loans availed.

             Thestudy recommends that the proposed strategies or interventions in Chapter 5should be discussed to the Loans Department, Credit Committee (CRECOM),Audit Inventory Committee (AICOM), Accounting and Cashier Department, and theGeneral Manager. In addition, for future studies, the researcher suggests atime-series analysis for the usage, quality and welfare dimensions ofmicrofinance and a comparative study of microfinance system from differentcooperatives.

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