Abstract the medicine to achieve the maximum benefit.In earlier

Abstract :-This review study aimed to Design an efficient digital medicine prescription. Required datasets were collected by searching the database, most widely used search engines, and visiting websites of National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority Of India.Sometimes misinterpreted drug names in medical prescription cause severe and lethal effects to patients. This is cause by either illegible handwriting or inability of pharmacist to recognize the medicine name. some time due to higher price of medicine, patient can’t afford to buy it. Hence it is necessary to have and find substitute for the high pricing medicine with lower cost.

It is also possible to know the contents of medicine and replacing it with substitute with minimum price.Introduction:-Since Medical Evolution , handwritten prescriptions has been a preferred communication method for physicians in decisions relating to medication therapy and for pharmacists to distribute medicines. It is also considered as a valuable resource for the patients on how to use the medicine to achieve the maximum benefit.In earlier days, digital prescription is always considered as an interested subject among other electronic health solutions to process the health-related data.In fact, digital  prescription is a broad term that means using the computer devices to enter, modify, review, and generate or transmit medicine prescription . This form of technology would safely transmit prescription or prescription-related information between stakeholders (prescribers, dispensers, pharmacies, health plans, and health insurers) either directly or through an intermediary (including an digital prescription network) using electronic media.

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The digital prescription system connects to information systems in health-care organizations such as hospitals, health-care centers, and pharmacies. The implementation of it can overcome many problems of paper prescribing process and will bring benefits, including cost savings, reducing prescription errors, increasing prescription legibility, improving medication therapy outcomes, reducing redundant paperwork, digitally accessing to updated pharmacopeia information, and patient medication history.Some Patients can’t afford some high costing drugs or medicines so there is a need of substitution facility in digital prescription,so in this study also reviewed about Substituting high costing medicines with lower cost medicine.

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