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Last updated: July 20, 2019

Academic and corporate curiosityin green supply chain management has increased significantly in recent years.There are a lot of researchesdone to convince people to become greener and we have mentioned some of them inthis literature review. Waste management to creategreen supply chains in general analyzed by the authors in the Turkish marketcame to conclusion that it was a good start for companies to get greener 1Hybrid multi criteria decisionmaking approaches where used to improve green supply chain management with a newmodel and the results came as very effective 2A two-level supply chain modelwas used to present an advanced tool that improves the earnings while consideringgreen aspects of the supply by reducing energy and virgin raw material usage and wastegeneration and increasing product recovery options.

Greening usually refers tothe forward supply chain functions such as production, purchasing, materialsmanagement, warehousing and inventory control, distribution, shipping, andtransport logistic 3Another study has shown theimpact of managers implementing green supply management inside their owncompanies plays a big role in the effect of the greening, be it waste reductionor management systems etc. Thecomplex of mechanisms implemented at the corporate and plant level to assess orimprove the environmental performance of a supplier base 4A strategic approach by usingbiomass for energy production in Italy that aims to integrate environmentalissues into supply chain management procedure starting from product design, andcontinuing through material sourcing and selection, manufacturing processes,the final product delivery and end-of-life management 5The higher the green supplychain management the higher becomes the dimensions of companies’ performance,when green supply is implemented effectively (i.e.

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, service, financial etc.)  6Some authors showed that greenlogistics can help in the overall performance and effectiveness in companies if intergratedenvironmental thinking into closed-loop supply chain management, they did casestudies in China which shows that China is far behind on using green supply management7.Managers have innovative tolead to a sustainable green supply chain to get the result needed analysis ofthe environmental dimension of sustainability in a supply chain context conducted8 and 9.Green supply managementtheories have been conducted all around and came to conclusion that withimplementation of the green supply chain management we can still have better performanceand be more effective 10There are some proposal onrecycling of products to become greener, there is a costing approach of electronicrecycling products done in this paper which showed that it has a great overallvalue 11Management between suppliers,their products and environment, that is to say, the environment protectionprinciple is brought into suppliers’ management system. Its purpose is to addenvironment protection consciousness into original products and to improvecompetitive capacity in market 12Integration of environmentconsiderations into supply chain management, including product design, materialsourcing and selection, manufacturing processes, delivery of the final productto the consumers, and end-of-life management of the greening products 13 14.Operations research lead to amore efficient use of resources and which can reduce cost and can have animpact to create less emission of greenhouse gases 15Greener supply selection canplay also a big role on implementing green supply management which is conductedin 16 and in 17While there are a lot ofdifferent ideas and implementation to become greener, the Enterprise resource planning(ERP) is a great tool to do that, since it contributes to manage resources andenergies effectively.

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