Academically, who would coach the team, where the team

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Last updated: November 2, 2019

Academically, Lily is a dedicatedand organized intellect. Taking one look at her meticulously tabbed and colorcoated binders, it is clear Lily approaches high school with a methodicalmanner.

She manages her time well, consistently handing in papers on time and occasionallyprior to deadlines. In our AP English Literature course this year, Lily remainsan engaged and analytical student, with a very positive attitude. Shecontributes insightfully and discusses analytical ideas that are sure to takediscussions to deeper levels. Lily also regularly explains concepts to me—aswell as her other classmates—considered confusing by most.

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As an excellingstudent, Lily remains a member of the National Honor Society and a recipient ofseveral academic awards, some of which include the Goal 2 Award (a deep respectfor intellectual values) and the regular United States History class prize. Beyond her academicexcellence, Lily is a natural leader and has a quiet confidence in her. As thecaptain of the cross country team, she has made several public upper schoolannouncements notifying students about upcoming races and achievements. Sheeven went on to advocate for a spring track team not once, but twice.

As afreshman, Lily formulated a petition for students interested in the possible teamand received over 30 signatures. She met with our athletic director and laidout a full-fledged plan, including who would coach the team, where the teamwould practice, and how this would benefit the school community. Although theathletic director denied the plan due to budget cuts, Lily persisted andbrought it up to the director again her senior fall. Her independence ofthought and willingness to express her thoughts is something truly admirablenot only in a student but in a friend. Additionally, Lily is always excitedto meet new people and experience new situations. In high school, Lily voluntarilyhosted three Taiwanese exchange students in her home, organized to play gameswith multiple Sacred Heart students from Mississippi, and took part in theexchange program to Santiago, Chile. She is always theinitiator of making plans with her friends and continually tries to make sureeveryone is included. These small acts are a key part of Lily’s adventurousand social personality, but do not always get recognized on paper.

Overall, Lily is a kindheartedand thoughtful individual who is respected and likedby faculty and peers. As a friend, I have always admired her enormous heart andability to cheer people up. The joy she brings to my life and the lives ofeveryone she meets is beyond any measure of words. She has the warmest and mostcompassionate heart out all the people I know and for that, I’m so grateful to haveknown her over the past 4 years.

Despite the rollercoaster of emotions high schoolbrings, Lily’s smile never fails to light up my day. During a school retreatlast winter, she wrote me a letter saying “I want to tell you how thankful Ihave been for your friendship throughout my time at NCDS. I love being able tospend time with you in dance and math class…Please know how much you areappreciated in my life”. She is someone I can be my best, weirdest, and truestself around and know that I will never be judged.

Lily is a true example of God’slove working in everyone’s lives and I am confident that  would be enrichedby her presence.

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