According continuous use of Native American mascots in schools

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Last updated: September 9, 2019

According to a psychological research carried out on a sample of students from the Great Plains University, to determine if there was any relation between Native American mascots and the stereotyping of native Americans, it was concluded that the chief Wahoo mascot which was used in this experiment triggered negative stereotyping in non native Americans (Freng and Cynthia, 587). This research finding shows that the continuous use of Native American mascots in schools provides an unhealthy environment for all the students since it is associated with the negative stereotyping of a particular group of students. To further explains why native American mascots are powerful in creating stereotypes of Native Americans, the psychologist Frieburg and colleagues  proposed that, due to  the relative small population size of native Americans, the chance for anyone who is not living in any of the native reservations to interact with a native American is slim, hence the knowledge about  real native Americans in every aspect is not common knowledge to the public which implies that the little information which people have on native Americans have been derived from media sources such as movies and mascots which have become tools capable of activating any type of stereotype about native Americans depending on what they portray(209).

Furthermore, Native American mascots have not only triggered the negative stereotyping of Native Americans in schools , other psychological research which was carried out in the university of Illinois  concluded that the continuous exposure native American mascots in school lead to the stereotyping of not only native Americans but other minority groups (Kim-Pietro et al, 545). The generation of stereotypes of any sort is not healthy for our society much less any school environment because it has the potential of internalizing biases in students which affects their ability to make proper judgement hence making their school a hostile environment for learning

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