According happens Previously, Malaysia. We Likewise Malaysians ought

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Last updated: August 24, 2019

According to the Electrolux Food Waste at Home Survey2016, Malaysians waste 15, 000 tonnes of food every day. It was also found that77% of Malaysians wasted a plate of food a week. There are several ways toreduce food wastage in Malaysian household is eating leftovers food, repurposeleftovers scraps and we ought to further bolster attempt should offernourishment for friends, family, poor people or beggars Firstly, we can eat the leftovers food. When we havefood that hasn’t been eaten, we should keep it in the refrigerator so we caneat it in the morning or we can even heat it.

For example, when we haveexcessive food that you do not want to eat it anymore, we can store the food inthe refrigerator and eat it without spending a budget. This action not onlysaves our budget, it also reduces the waste of food in Malaysia.   Secondly, we could repurpose remains scraps. We couldutilization them. For example, we could utilize into rice kimchi, kimchipancake or alternately add-on noodles.

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In to meat, we camwood make it intopatties or we cook it in different ways including settling on it a meatball tospaghetti, make it into a kebab or cooked soy sauce with rice.  Thirdly, we ought to further bolstering attempt shouldoffer nourishment for friends, family, poor people or beggars. We must stakethe same for our friends, family, poor people alternately beggars along theselines that there will a chance to be no waste of nourishment. This won’t bestlessen wastage, it could likewise reinforce bonds around our neighbors, ourfriends, our families, poor people and the beggars.       Forconclusion, we must control the issue for sustenance wastage that happensPreviously, Malaysia. We Likewise Malaysians ought to a chance to be all themore delicate of the buy for sustenance.

For example, Comprehending At thenourishment close date, making an individual domain the point when shoppingsomething like that we turn into prudent purchasers What’s more Abstain fromsustenance wastage. Consuming remains food, repurpose remains scrapsFurthermore attempt will allotment nourishment with a crew and companion needaid the routes on chop down once nourishment wastage in Malaysia family unit.  

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