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Last updated: September 1, 2019

According to Well &Moriarty (2011), the Facets Model of Effects helps in explaining why and howcustomers should respond or react to advertisements. In its functionalstructure, the model presents that an advert should communicate objectiveswhich are critical in driving separate consumer responses. Through the same principle,the Facet Model of Effects can aid in the creation of more effective contentand advertising objectives. For example, in every business, the coreadvertisement objectives include: to inform clients, to persuade potentialconsumers and to remind them of specific brand benefits (Well & Moriarty,2011). However, there are other more specific objectives such as drivingrevenue, developing favorable client attitudes, increasing brand, overcomingbrand’s or company’s negative publicity and increasing the company’s sale volume (Jurca& Madlberger, 2015 p. 51).Therefore, this question will explore how the Facets Model of Effects can beutilized to set advertising objectives.

PerceptionFacetCustomers have anatural selective perceptive. This means that they only pay attention toadvertisement or content that they want to. Therefore, the first objective is capturingtheir attention and reeling them into the content and ideas presented in theadvert.

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Adverts should always pique consumer’s curiosity with new things thatthey might get them surprised to see or hear (De Mooij & Hofstede, 2010 p.87). As a result, they may achieve their advertising objective of encouragingproduct trials and usage. For example, in the year 2016, there was a McDonald’sadvert that asked clients’ “Tasteless or Brilliant?” The core aim of thisadvert was to get the perceptions of clients as well as get them to test theirnew products.

Emotions FacetThis facet isdetermined in creating desires, feelings, wants and excitement in theconsumer’s life. This facet works in generating a stronger emotional connectionbetween the service or product offered and the client. In so doing, the companyhas an opportunity to fulfill its advertisement objective of expanding customerbase or overcoming any negative publicity in the marketplace (Kapferer, 2012 p.56). For example, with the increased love for emojis in the year 2017, ToyotaCorporation adopted emoji advertisement for it Camry brand. The core aim was toinform potential clients that Camry is a thrilling sports sedan that everyperson should strive to drive.

CognitionFacetGood presentation andexplanation of facts, ideas, and information result in better understanding ofproducts. When creating an advertising objective, this facet helps in generatinga distinctive and comprehensive content that demonstrates the value of the brandor product presented. Due to the uniqueness of every product, this facet worksbest in creating effective content for fulfilling brand awareness advertisementobjective.

For example, while informing its clients on the extended storagebreadth, Dropbox introduced a 500MB free space for any customer referral. Thisis a creative strategy that not only creates awareness of their new productsbut also increases the customer base through referral.AssociationFacetIn the advertisementindustry, a firm’s connection between the customers and a brand is achieved anytime the brand creates a symbolic meaning. This is attained once a group offeelings and thoughts are attached to the brand through a repeated messageinside the advert. The facet assists the brand in creating a motto, message,mission or promise to the consumers hence achieving the advertisement object ofincreasing more favorable attitude towards the brand (Melewar, 2008 p. 16). Forexample, in 2017, there was a Fanta advert that said: “Fanta make senses.” Inentirety, the advert tries to show that those who take Fanta are more likely tomake sense out of what they are doing.

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