According rain (1.1.2),” which showed the mood the

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According to oxford dictionary, foul is defined as wicked or immoral. Foul is most often referred to as disgusting, immoral, and/or vile. Throughout Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, a system of foul events takes place.

The question of the source of these events is frequently asked in the play; however, in the audience as outside readers it is seen that Macbeth is behind it all. Macbeth portrays his evil ambitions and his corruption of human soul by the decisions he makes.  Despite the aid received, Macbeth is responsible for the foul events in the play.  Macbeth’s inhumane actions were foreshadowed by the dark, ominous mood seen in the beginning of the play. The second line of the play was said by the first witch, “in thunder, lightening, and rain (1.1.2),” which showed the mood the book and characters would follow. Macbeth got the reputation of a barbaric, worth, merciless man early in the novel after he profitably defended the country; however, as the novel progressed his actions caused him to significantly lose that reputation as others realized his true intentions.

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Macbeth started his long serious of malicious events by killing king Duncan. Although he was urged to do so by his wife, he ultimately had the final decision in going through with it. Many believe that he was seduced by the weird sisters, but yet again they did not commit the murder as he did. Once Macbeth killed Duncan and became king, he messed up nature. Macbeth murdered King Duncan during the night, which unfortunately ruined night time in general for him and the country.

The continuous dark mood followed his continuous dark desires and actions. After Macbeth committed one murder, he couldn’t stop. He ordered the execution of Banquo simply because he felt threatened by his presence, “There is none but he Banquo whose being do I fear (3.1. 59-60)”. The execution of Banquo was a more independent crime because neither Lady Macbeth nor the Weird Sisters influenced it. Again, Macbeth arranged for Banquo’s death to be done during the nighttime when he said, “Light thickens, and the crow. Makes wing to th’ rooky wood.

Good things of day begin to droop and drowse. Whiles night’s black agents to their preys do rouse.”  Macbeth even admitted to not being able to stop his drive (3.4.

151-156). Macbeth did have some inner guilt shown through the appearance.  of Banquos ghost, but not enough to stop him as he soon later had Lady Macduff and her children killed. Macbeth had never met nor spoken to those innocent people but violent self did not care.

In this murder he acted on impulse and yet again without any assistance from his wife or the witches.  Macbeth was responsible for war through his actions which was another foul event as more people had to die in the process.  During the time that Macbeth was written, it was assumed that the well-being of the country was solely based on the King’s reign and morality. If you were a good king and obtained your throne rightfully, good things would flourish throughout the country; but, if you were bad king who unjustly received your crown, bad things would happen to the country. As it is known that Macbeth wrongly received his crown, it explains the terrible accounts of nature in the play described.

It all started with Duncan’s death when Lennox explained the terrible storm that emerged and how during the night he heard, “strange screams of death (2.3.52).” As the play progressed nature comtimued to worse, more storms emerged, crops withered, earthquakes occurred, eagles turned to crows, the animal food chain was all messed up, etc proving that Macbeth interrupted the usual system of things by mudering the king making natural functions contend against their natural sequences 

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