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According to the study of theVagina monologue were a public platform for channeling the liberated andshameless attitudes of women in the name of education, exploration andempowerment. He gave his analysis that the monologues made a profoundconnections with well-known and activist cultures and this theatrical act canbe associated with identity politics along with the elements of the second andthird wave of Feminism. He pointed out that the vagina monologues arethe wrong type of performance and feminism for it promotes raunch culture. In addition, monologues is not a mass liberation but rather anincremental liberation of masses, individual-by-individual. Suchindividualization is the prerequisite condition for those mainstay of ThirdWave of Feminism, empowerment through confession/testimonial, possession (ofbodies, of organs, of desires) possession (material gains and freedom)) andmost importantly, self-centeredness. Sexuality according to him becomes not somuch individual matter as the individual matter. Sexual fulfillment wasentirely contested as an objective in the phase of Second Wave but the raunchcultures of the “less uptight” third wave seem unwilling to fully reintroducedit. The presentation aims to establish if the body is a sight ofcultural/political protest, also to discuss the possibility of women’s bodiesbecoming the site of feminist cultural studies, to deconstruct the classicalcategory of “woman.

” The interconnectedness of how vaginas are regarded, howwomen feel, and the state of women in our society is deeplyconnected Halligan(2014). ( Braun and Ensler, E. 1999 as cited in Bell S.E. , and Reverby , S.M.

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,2005).According to Young (2004) ascited in Bell and Reverby (2005) the play being a decade old has already beenlabeled as a feminist classic. Feminism started off in the 19thcentury and early 20th century. The different waves of feminismfocused on social issues such as right to suffrage. Women during the waves offeminism gave birth to women empowerment and rise of gender equality.

Differentplatform escalated in the 21st century specifically in the field ofhumanities. Vagina Monlogues gave birth to a new standard of women’sexpression.  The 21st century view buildsupon what came before, and attempts to create new politics. Often women arebotheredon stage with feminist performance artist and playwrights. But incontrast, Ensler (2001) explained how interviews from women in her  play are thearaticalized. Moreover, exactverbatims are used in the play itself.

 The play has an undeniable power the somehow gives of a transgressiveand carnevalisque public stance. It is the start of what is kept inside is nowto be seen literally and figuratively to be set out in public. (Case, 1990, ascited in Bell S.

E., and Reverby, S.M., 2005).            There is a distinct significance and differencebetween sexual attitudes and sexual behaviors. According to a study of theNational Health and Social Life Survey (NHSLS), A vast majority of marriesAmerican couples reported having sexual relations either a few times per monthor two or three times a week, with an average of seven times a month. Both, ofcourse, gradually decreased through time as men and women age.

Both men andwomen expressed fairly high levels of satisfaction with marital sex, observingthat women are actually less satisfied. This emphasizes its relation to theVagina Monologues of women empowerment through feminine sexuality and itsbehaviors. About how women are liberated enough with the help of feminism andself-identity as a person with a vagina fighting against the confinements ofthe patriarchal society.             Tragically, violence against not only women butalso little children are evident nowadays. This section focuses more on abusescaused to little girls: child sexual abuse, pedophilia, infanticide and evenneglect. While definitions may vary, child sexual abuse may be defined ashaving sexual experiences wherein the victim is not of age, hence, a minor, andthe abuser having an age which is significantly higher than of the victim’s.Whether in the form of contact or noncontact sex, it I still a form of despisedsexual activity among children and pedophiles.

The most common form nowadays isthrough the Internet. Sad to say, even incest is a form because it stilldepicts the idealism of sexual contact between a child and a close bloodrelative or other family member.             Few children tell anyone about their cagedmisconceptions of the happenings but in the transcripts of the VaginaMonologues, we can start to unravel the freed speech of such wrong acts. It canresult in sad, devastating consequences for the children.  Such traumaticevents may lead to depression, anxiousness, anger or behavioral problems forthe kid. According to Kahn and Bollag (2004) as cited at Bell S.E.

, andReverby , S.M., (2005) there is a sense of fear whereas the empowerment comingfrom the playwright using women experience will be translate and taken in as alarger political assault on the structure of oppression in the society.Moreover, said out truth here is a threat of having the transgressive truthsaid out loud make everything political.

Accordingto the point of  Janet Wolff, there are existing problems with using thefemale body, also she defined that the bodies preexisted meanings as sexobjects. She established the statement that there are problems with using thefemale body for feminist ends. Wolf says, the body can be a site of politicalintervention, because it is the site of repression and possession meaning whensomeone likes you or attracted especially to your body, he/she can possess you.These rituals concerning bodily behavior are understood as the functioning ofsocial rules and boundaries.

These boundaries of the body come to representthreats and powers, in turn, symbolizing social boundaries. Wolf points out,there can be no direct experience of the body, and we cannot talk about it, oreven conceive of the body as some pre-given entity. What constitutes the body,and what constitutes the female body and its experience, is already implicatedin language and discourse. There are two risks of Body as Politics, one isthese images can be reworked and read differently than their intended meaningand second is that it may go along with sexist thinking which identifies thewoman with the body. EveEnsler regarded vaginas as the crux of woman’s lives, their purpose ormotivation, their now as well as their future.  Woman’s Vagina is herlife, this is what she is made of this is herself. Also, Ensler opened theconcept of Ranking oppressions.

She described when men look at women’s eyes,they are looking directly to their vaginas.            The discussion of femininesexuality revolves around the female genitalia and its functions as a women’ssexual anatomy. With this, one can look at the results of females when it comesto their sexual attitudes, problems and behaviors. About what it means to havea vagina as a person being feminine.

It begins with the comfort ability of awoman in her own sexual response cycle and her security as a sexual being.             This has a common meaning of sexual penetrationobtained by physical force, the threat of force, or while the victim isincapable of giving consent because of several factors like mental illness,disability or even intoxication.             Sexual Scripts contend that the socialconstruction of male and female roles may providea social context in which aform of rape can occur. Some sexual script can lead to rape for a number ofreasons.

First, some men take initiator role to the extreme and engage insexual aggression. Second, men frequently infer sexual interest when it is notintended. Although it is not an excuse, psychological supports like these don’tsatisfy the whole background meaning and understanding of why men lead tosocial sexual aggressiveness and may portray rape to the victim            This may lead to the victim experiencingtrauma, depression, anger, anxiety and many more that can visibly ruin one’slife. And so it was intentional for the topic research to deal with theawareness for the people of the 21st century about the role offeminists and the social inequality between men and women.

This, addressing,several interviewed women in the Vagina Monologues provides us insights of whatit means to include and finally portray the feminist idealism in the society.             Women are disadvantaged due not only to thegender inequality of power but alsoto differences within genders that add extraburdens to the lives of many women. Here, it states that women of differentraces have various benefits and distinctions to one another.

Women of differentgenders and sexual identity have differences in comparison with the straight.Also that goes the same for women in all ages. Whether what group one belongsin, gender equality must be visible between the men and the women of thesociety. Thus, a goal is to ensure that increases in female power benefit allwomen, regardless of ethnicity, class, disability/ability, sexual orientation,or age.

            This must be the main point of feminism as aglobal phenomenon. Women, although having disadvantages as same as men, shouldnot be degraded and looked down upon just because of their sexuality. There isthis main feminist mentality we should capture and tell unto the world. TheVagina Monologues endorses the capacity of women to be liberated away from thebasic conservatism painted upon the norms and is able to express themselvessexually and willingly share their consensual and nonconsensual sexualexperiences to women all over the world to address violence, justice and thetrue nature of the power of having a vagina as a woman in the society.      

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