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Last updated: December 4, 2019

According to The News Strait Times, statistics from the Education Ministry revealed that there were more than 14,000 cases of bullying in schools between 2012 and 2015, with most of them involving physical bullying. From the statistics, we can said that bullying is risen in our country and almost more than 10 popular cases was recorded throughout this year, 2017 which the victims was dead due to bully. Bullying can range from physical violence to verbal abuse and being cut out of social groups.

It also includes abusive texts, e-mails or nasty notes put on websites also known as cyber bullying. To discuss thoroughly, there are different types of bullying that give bad effects in the person’s life that we should take prevention and intervention of the bullying.      Bullying in schools, universities or at any particular location have been highlighted as a big issue in our country nowadays. Bullying can be categorized into three types which is cyber, physical and social bullying.

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 Cyber bullying occurs when a person or victim has been insulted through the social networking such as email, blog or any websites that have been created by bullies to say mean things to the victims. According to Cyberbullying Research Center (2014-2016), the rates of cyberbullying victimization have varied over the years through the studied that have been done. On average, about 28% of the students who have been a part of the researched with most recent 10 studies have said they have been the victim of cyberbullying at some point in their lifetime.

The rates of cyberbullying offending have also varied among the research studies that have been conducted. Physical bullying includes physical abused on the victim, for example, pushing, pinching, kicking and tripping that can cause a damage on victim body while social bullying can be carried out behind the bullied’s back. Throughout this year, there are few cases of physical bullying that causes the victims to death while social bullying is carried out to spread negative rumours about the person or encouraging others to exclude the victim or other reasons to damaging someone social’s reputation. According to Steele, A. (n.d.). The Psychological Effects on Bullying on Kids and Teens, the victim world is not a happy one, however it is filled with anxiety, depression and loneliness as they were unable to enjoy their lives.

Therefore, those types of bully give effects on the victim’s live and the intervention and prevention should be taken.     Bullying can occur anywhere and anytime that connected to young people. There is no places, school or community that safe from the devastating of the effect of bullying. Therefore, prevention and intervention should be taken seriously to overcome the problems regarding bullying. School policy plays an important role as a major step in prevention of bullying. According to Schargel, F. (2014).

 Bullying: What Schools, Parents and Students Can Do, he suggested to increase the reporting of bullying including the assess of awareness and the scope of bullying problems through survey conducted among students and staffs. The schools can provide bully hotline for students or people to report bullying. Some students drop a note in the box provided by schools that known as ‘bully box’ whereas students can alert the teachers about bullying in schools. Next, social skills training for the students or youth can be one of intervention and prevention in bullying. The social skills should be trained in early childhood so that they were growing up in good vibes. Parents, teachers and community should involve to work out this prevention. Those role models need to teach and show how to treat people with kindness and respect. According to Koiv, K.

(2016). Procedia- Social and Behavioral Sciences, a Social Skills Training (SST) programme was developed for certain students which is bullies and victims to improve their social involvement through the combination of social learning and cognitive-behavioral techniques. concisely, intervention and prevention should be taken to reduce bullying cases in our country. The students, children or youth have their own rights to live happily without terrifying moments because of bullies.

       “To this day, I still have bouts and lapses of depression”, said Afif, now 22. Those words were come from one-year experience in bullying that have driven Afif into a period of suicidal depression. Afif is among 21 youngest who shared his experience with bullies to the Star. (Nov 2017, Fatimah Zainal). From the Afif’s confession we can relate that bullying gives bad effects on the person that experience bullying. Bullying can cause the individual to withdraw from social contact with their peers, because they lose confidence in their ability to build relationship and loss trust others to accept them.

In other contrast, social withdrawal due to bullying makes the person having difficult to communicate with others which will result them in tough way to socialize with other people. Next, leading to suicide is one of the effects of bullying. According to studies by Yale University, bully victims are between 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims. Bullying have very damaging effects on the individual who experienced bullying that lead to suicide due to impact of emotional problems. As a result, school name will be affected if the student attempts suicide.

The next effects of bullying is changes in personality of the person that under the pressure of bullying. Depression and anxiety tend to characterize their emotional outlook well beyond the bullying years, extending into their adult lives where they become chronic, sometimes lifelong, problems. Besides, they will loss their trust in themselves as they feel weak and inability to protect themselves. Those persons also will experience changes in personality and grow to adulthood with tendency to be loners and may affect their occupational in future.

 Therefore, bullying should be prevented by all communities as they give bad effects in a person’s life.  There are various of bullying which results in damaging effects in the person’s life that we should find ways to overcome bullying problems. Bullying does not only involving in physical contact but it may involve in mental contact which lead to big problems. In addition, bullying also may occur through various aspect of medium as we live in advance technology. Thus, it leads to negative effects either towards the victims, bullies or by-stander. Therefore, prevention and intervention should be taken seriously as bullying is one of the major problems in our country.

As closure, as committee in our country we should realized that we need to be together in solving bullying issues because those kids and student have their own rights to live happily without miserable and difficult life. 

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