According their outstanding levels within the grade scheme. This

According to Herzberg: “Controversy to thosedissatisfiers (company policy and administrativepractices, supervision, interpersonal relationships, working conditions, andsalary) contribute very little to job satisfaction”.

  (Herzberg, 1964).  Money motivation is not alwaysessential issue other than its function of exchange value and the significantdifference is just a psychological sign to the employee as a pay level, certainindividuals appreciate money for alternative reasons, and there can be naturaltension amongst the extrinsic and intrinsic motives towards financial rewardscan actually depress could “crowd out” intrinsic goals, like gratification,curiosity, learning and particular challenges. (Chamorro-Premuzic, 2013).  By overcoming financial goals self-doubt andself-gratification can be said to be less affective and rewarding thanfinancial goals which are centered on family support and security.  ABC should consider reducingthe system of paygrade levels, and to find a reward system that can motivatetheir employees, and within the grade A, those that are interested in themanagerial role are to be expected to support the performance -related pay andto motivate employees to achieve their objectives and to reach theiroutstanding levels within the grade scheme.

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 This would widen and allow more employees into each of the grades, makingoutstanding achievers to have a better chance of equitably and enter a highergrade.             Someof these can relate to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory, the tiers of Maslow’stheory are we all have specific needs, and these are described in five stages.  Evidence is within the employees, esteemneeds which they have dissatisfaction; the lack of reward for their outstandingefforts which can aggravate feelings of contempt for their employers can leadto a low self-esteem and their confidence (Stephen P. Robbins, 2011).  If needs are unfulfilled inevitably resultswill be dissatisfaction and the final self-actualisation needing for theability to be able to reach their full potential.   Introducing other forms of non-financialrewards; ABC could benefit as well as the employees by designating socialmeetings once a month and team building adventures outside of work, which wouldreassuringly be some friendly relations between employees and staff.              Todevelop skills and careers and have autonomy opportunity are equally asvaluable for financial rewards.  Armstrongacknowledges the importance of motivational rewards can affect the behaviour ofindividuals and teams learning and development; contributing to some successfulachievements within the company objectives and encouraging self-directedlearning (Armstrong M.

, Employee Reward, 2002).  By having a strategic method to support themanagerial and give guidance which is deficient at ABC; employees felt thattheir development needs had been overlooked and annual reviews wasn’t alwayscarried out.  Internal promotions would relyon their reviews and annual assessments so their opportunity for promotions wasa missed chance.  Giving employees thechance to express what would get them motivated, and have regular reviews, wouldhelp to restore feelings of worth towards the staff.            Morecommunication is evidence thorough out, and management to communicative aboutlearning opportunities and developments to changes to employment conditions,procedures, policies and organisational structure to be implemented (Armstrong M. , Strategic Human Resource Management: , 2008).  Departmental team-brief excersises meetings to be held everymonth at ABC by trained line-managements lasting a good 20-30 minutes with adetailed minutes taken through out by a designated associate.  Which will allow management to inform theemployees of any changes this will allow better communications and giveassistants the chance to make suggestions to managers.

              Officialappraisals to be instigated every twelve months by the line-manager and to have6 monthly reviews, so rewards and disciplinaries haven’t been overlooked.  To have comfortable and professional approachare required to evade any unfairness within any reports. Development of an ABCstaff intranet, would help and allow management and employees to post weeklybulletins, that inform them of any minor changes enabling a more positiveattitude amongst employees and to encourage involvement and team building.

                            1         Recruitment and Section Incorporate ABC must decide how changes for PerformanceManagement System can affect the recruitment selection and retention.  By incorporating certain factors within theirnewly-introduced planning strategy; and antedated to such fulfilment of aparticular position availability, and by defining certain skills if and whenthe position needs to be filled.  As soonas requirements been established, and basic role profiles to be drafted out;permitting ABC to formulate person specification these will include:qualifications, knowledge and skills, ability and experience that are necessaryfor certain positions.  Even though ABC could beinterested in retaining the current staff, and offering them new positionsinternally, it would be beneficial if they planned a wide-ranging advertisementto attract best-possible external applicants and widening the talent-pool available.  By advertising through jobsites, traineeships,agencies, recruitment through Colleges and Universities, these may or may notattract the candidate requirement, but it’s an effective way of starting.   They’llbe able to advertise their extensive range of training and opportunities ofpromotion, this should attract those individuals that are driven and haveprepared determination into training and progress into the area they like for acareer, especially if other awards are available within the company.              ABChaving attracted an adequate number of applicants then the selection processcan be implemented, and satisfactory plans to be in place for organizing of CVsand training that can be delivered to line-managers to allow them to preparefor interviews. Making sound applicants valuations and narrowing downappropriate candidates for the right job.

     2         CONCLUSION Recognising crucial elements of the new PerformanceManagement System at ABC, vital evidence has shown that reflections have notbeen well-thought-out.  With thenonexistence planning of line-managers training has definitely had detrimentaleffect on motivation and self-confidence effect on ABC employees.  Too have supplementary rewards andimprovements with fairness can enhance employees by enlightening satisfactionand improving contributions towards the managers and employees can help aspectsof the PMS, refining the flexibility of daily routine of procedures with a moreequivalence to all ABC staff.

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