According three children. Children were brought up by nannies,

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According to a scenario of the assignment, Marisa, in the past, was a minor celebrity as a catwalk model.

 Now Marisa is 50; she spends much time on plastic surgeries and other beauty treatments. She married a heart surgeon and has three children. Children were brought up by nannies, except the oldest daughter Susannah, who lived with her grandmother before she married her husband Stephen. The youngest child, a boy, Toby was adopted. Marisa has had stated that she wanted a son but has had a fear of damaging her figure and career prospects. Another daughter, Alice, has anorexia and sometimes bulimia. Despite this that Alice is only 25, but she is successful in her business of designer clothes shop.

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 Nevertheless, Alice has low self-esteem, and it is difficult for her to maintain relationships with the opposite sex. Comparing Marisa and her daughter Alice, we can assume that both ladies suffer from neurosis. Commonly, neurotic individuals experience anxiety, may experience physical discomfort and obsessive thoughts. According to the study sources (Avery,1996), neurosis affecting part of the personality, defined as a mental or emotional disorder.

 Marisa, who use to be in the centre of the public life, nevertheless, was not a very big celebrity. Possibly, she could feel the stress that some models have been more successful and popular than she. To stay in the spotlight, she tries to create an image, for the public, about the happy family. Everything was done for the admiration of the public. The created image of the happy family just only a likeness of a joyful life.

 We can have a doubt that Marisa ever was a perfect mother, in the traditional sense. Obviously, she does not know how to bring the children up by giving them that all, what mother is normally giving; care, love and support. There is an impression; Marisa is always seeking public’s admiration and thus, supporting self-esteem.

 Paradoxical is that fact; she has not had time for the older daughters, and she decided to adopt a boy. We cannot be sure that Marisa really wanted a boy, as a child, whom to love. We can assume, the boy was a certain manipulation to support the image of the happy and generous family that adopted a boy. This altruistic act was an attempt to attract the public admiration. 

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