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Last updated: September 28, 2019

“Accounting was the course that helped me more thananything” a quote by Julian Robertson has inspired me ever since I read it inschool.

My interest and fascination with accounting started when I was in 11thclassMy academic experiences impressed upon me the importance ofaccounting in today’s modern business world , as well as crucial role played bymanagement in the direction and success of the company. As my interestdeveloped in this area, it became clear to me that the pursuit of postgraduateeducation especially in the field of accounting is the next logical step for myoverall development. I am aware that developing a successful career inaccounting in today’s environment requires advanced training and I believe thatthe curriculum in your college would equip me with the right set of business skillsrequired to be an professional accountant.I have always been keen on learning and had a good academictrack record.

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I did my under graduation in B.com(H) from Delhi University, oneof the most reputed universities in India and soon after that got placed inIndia Infoline Limited – a leading financial services firm. After working therefor few months i decided to go for MBA in Finance from Symbiosis InternationalUniversity.In addition to my work at classroom, I was an active memberon campus and part of Student Welfare & Disciplinary committee where Iacquired a unique blend of experiences. I organised college festivals, planningdetails of the event with my team members and ensuring everything goes smooth.

I was also a part of college’s danced society and represented college atdifferent stages and volunteered for different college events.Whilst I was in the 4th semester of my MBA degreeI got a offer from Accenture during college placements. At Accenture, I havebeen working as a Senior Analyst on a project for top US based insurance clientfor almost 2 years now.

I am leading a team of 7 members and we have beenalways delivering more than client’s expectations and received the best ratingrecently. In my short span at Accenture, I have received highest rating for mywork and recognition from client and Accenture leadership. This experience hashelped me in improving my leadership, communication and decision making skillsapart from giving me exposure to interact with professionals from diversebackgrounds.Throughout my life, I have made efforts to plug my knowledgeand skill gaps, to build on my strengths, and to tackle complex issues. Toassume higher-level responsibilities, I now plan to further develop on aboveskill areas especially on broadening my international perspective, improving mylanguage skills and refining my knowledge of accounting.

With my professionalexperience and extensive foundation in finance, I am convinced that I can copewell with the demands of this program. Your university, with people from different backgrounds, isa true cosmos of international business world and thus an ideal place to pursuethe education. I believe with an open mind to evolve myself at all times andputting learning into practice, I am a worthy candidate for the Masters inprofessional Accounting programme.

I believe that this course would be the perfectlaunch pad to transform myself into business leader. 

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