Achievements Northeast High School in Philadelphia and was able

Achievements of Kenneth C. FrazierKenneth C. Frazier was born in 1954, inPhiladelphia.

He is the second born of three siblings; he grew up in NorthPhiladelphia which was impoverished. In his young age he was very bright and asense of responsibility which portrayed his leadership ability. He had parentswho cared about his life and who were focused more on education, they kept onencouraging him to put an effort in school. His parents tried all they could toensure that he gets the best education, but unfortunately his mother passedaway when he was only twelve years old.

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The young boy by then was given theresponsibility to take care of the three children alone.He joined Northeast High School in Philadelphiaand was able to complete, and he was among the lucky students who got a chanceto proceed to the university. After graduation from the high school he joinedPennsylvania State University where he got an opportunity to pursue B.A, in theuniversity, he was very hardworking and attentive in class which made himgraduate with the highest honors. He later enrolled at Harvard Law School andreceived a J.D degree in the year 1978.

 Aftergraduating from Harvard Law School, Frazier started his career as a lawyerworking for Drinker Biddle & Reath in Philadelphia, in his career he goesan opportunity of a case where he was requested by the head of the deathpenalty representation project to defend for the death row inmate. Cochran wasarrested and accused of the murder case of the assistant manager of Birminghamgrocery. Frazier and two other colleges took the case, after almost 20 years onthe death row, the court of appeal changed the conviction of the defender. Hehas tried again in the court and found not guilty (Lazonick, & Hopkins2017). Frazier did not give up, this time he had left Drinker Biddle and hadbeen employed a general counsel of Astra Merck Group and continued with thecase. This case builds his career and made him famous and received manypraises.

At Astra Merck Group Frazier served in differentpositions, he has been the general counsel, he has served as the secretary andwas also appointed to be the vice-president. In his place as the generalcounsel, Frazier attained great success, wherein the leading company there weremore than 5000 cases which were concerning the harmful effects of Vaux.In2007, he was appointed to be the president of Merck & Co, Inc.; Later hehas added the responsibilities of the CEO and the chairman in 2011. He was thefirst African American in the history to serve as the CEO in such majorpharmaceutical company (Morrison, 2015). This time he was at the board meetingfor various organizations.

Lie the Penn state university, Exxon Mobil, and theCornerstone Christian School. He served as the president since the year2007 ashe was also the executive vice president from 2006 to 2010. He hasbeen a senior vice president from 1999 to 2006 wherein the first year he servedas vice president and at the same time he was the deputy general counsel of thecompany ((Gillon, 2013). He was the vice president of the public affairs andwas assigned the responsibilities of the Assistant General Counsel for twoyears from 1997. He was responsible for the public relations, corporate legalmatters, and the Merck Company.

He was the top manager of Medco healthSolutions Company until the year 2002. He holds three office from 1992 for twoyears as the president, the general counsel and the secretary of Merck. Hebecame the partner in the litigation office of Drinker Biddle and Reath forfourteen years from 1978. He was the independent non-executive manager in ExxonMobil from 2009. He has been the director of ethics resource center.

He becamea member of the council of the America Law School, America Bar Unity and theAssociation of General Counsel. His Bar engagement included the supreme courtof America, the Pennsylvania Bar Association and the District Court ofPennsylvania.In his position, he was a success, and everyother person admired his leadership. From his professional success and hisstatus also, he won the trust of the member, and he was appointed to be theleader of the investigation of the allegations against a football deputy coachwho had left Penn State. In his profession, he has received variousrecognitions which include the Penn State Alumni Fellow Award, the corporatepractice trophy, the award from the association of corporate counsel and theequal justice champion award. Being theCEO, he was of great help to the company, he was in the front line in strikinga balance between the profitability and giving back. He worked in the companyfor twenty-five years, in these years, the company donated Mectizan to assistin fighting against the river blindness to the affected people in the remoteplaces of Latin America, in Yemen and in some areas of Africa.

Under hisleadership, the Merck foundation managed to donate a lot of support to thepeople living with HIV (Gillon, 2013). This was a great achievement of the foundationsince they managed to give more than $122 million. He has a desire, and he hasbeen working tirelessly to have the rising lawyers be lain him or even better.He has been setting an excellent foundation which can be emulated by theupcoming career lawyers.ConclusionHe is the epitome of the dream of America, inhis young, he grew up when surrounded by a gang of violence in a horriblecommunity.

His father influenced his life much; he was always focused on hiseducation even after the death of the mother when he was a small boy. Throughthe advice of the father, he grew the spirit that helped him achieve more bothprofessionally and in academics. Through his leadership, the brand name of thecompany has been built. Merck has been an international company working to makethe world better. The company has been known as MSD by the countries out ofCanada and United States. Kenneth C. Frazier is one of the leaders who shouldbe emulated by the others.

His commitment and focus have landed made him havemany achievements. Every other leader should take heart and embrace hischaracter for great successes both in school, in personal life and at theworkplace.                  

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