Act 3 scene 1 is seen by many as the point where comedy becomes tragedy in Romeo and Juliet

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Act 3 scene 1 is seen by many as the point where comedy becomes tragedy in Romeo and Juliet. In what ways does Shakespeare create a sense of growing dramatic tension? How might these be staged in performance?In the last scene (act 2) in the church, as Romeo and Juliet were married, it was peaceful and romantic but at the start of Act 3 the mood changes to the opposite as shown in the video.

In it, it starts off with peaceful music and no noise, to a noisy scene with tense music that makes the audience think something bad is going to happen. The way in which people talk and act compared to the last scene changes a lot. It makes the audience think that something bad is going to happen and they can sense a fight. The scenes change from romantic and tranquil to a great feeling of tension and drama. Changing suddenly from a romantic scene to a scene with tense music and noise makes the audience feel excited and tense because they know something’s going to happen but they don’t know what.The first fight scene at the beginning of the play is comical. It is between members of the Capulet and Montague’s.

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They are enemies but the fact that they are servants makes the fight much less serious. Shakespeare makings the first fight scene comical, and this makes the second one seem a lot more serious, intense and dramatic. The fight in Act 3 Scene 1 is between nobility, and this would immediately make it seem more important. I might show this change from the romantic wedding scene by showing everyone laughing, with lots of noise and joking about to no noise and lines being said fiercely.

The scene opens with Benvolio explaining ‘The day is hot’. This line is very significant because it sets the scene and straight away the audience knows that something bad is going to happen. I would emphasise this by showing the sun beating down, with lots of background noise and I would so that the audience make it look really hot, would make know something is going to change.When Benvolio brings up the talk of the prince’s proclamation, this has a huge effect on the audience because it reminds them of the feud between the families and how catastrophic it could be if the two families fight again.The audience gets the impression that Tybalt is full of hate from the things that he says. He starts off seeming quite iolite bet he greets Mercruito in a confrontational way, when he says ‘Mercruito, thou consortest with Romeo’ as soon as he says this the audience can tell he’s looking for a fight.

This creates a lot of tension. This line could be acted by Tybalt walking up to Mercruito and Benvolio. Looking like he is up for a fight, pushing one of and saying his lines fiercely.

I think that when Romeo talks about his love for Tybalt I think the audience know something’s going to happen, but not exactly what. This gentle reminder that the two are now family has the effect on the audience that they know that the two are now related so they know it would be even worse if they fought or if anything bad happened to them or between them.When Mercruito says his dieing words of ‘A plague on both your houses’. It is fate and the characters blame for the deaths of Mercruito and Tybalt because they wouldn’t have died if Mercruito had walked away but the audience can tell Romeo and Juliet aren’t meant for each other so fate hat to do something to break them up.

When Mercruito gets hurt under Romeo’s arm his mood and actions change dramatically from loving and caring to mental, careless and violent. This creates dramatic tension because you can literally feel the change in Romeo’s mood and see how much anger builds up inside him when Mercruito dies. Romeo has been trying desperately to stop himself from fighting but finally fate forces him too.When Tybalt dies this is dramatic because all the audience know that it is a big mistake that Romeo has killed a man in the Capulet family because they know now that Romeo and Juliet no longer can ever live happily ever after because of what Romeo has done. After Tybalt dies the audience will be feeling eager and excited because they do not no whets going to happen next but they no the play is going to change a lot.When the prince banishes Romeo this is bad for him because he will not be able to see Juliet easily or maybe not ever again.

This is more dramatic that simply having Romeo killed because banishing him makes the audience more anxious and they want to know how Romeo will other come his banishment and how he and Juliet will see each other again, this makes the play really dramatic. This will make the audience feel really excited to find out what’s going to happen next.I think that Act 3 scene 1 is a big turning point in the play because it is where the play changes a lot. Comedy becomes tragedy and the whole play goes traumatic and shocking after the scene. Because of all that happens and because of how the tension is built up is why Act 3 Scene 1 is such a key scene and changes the play completely.

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