Addiction, extremely difficult to overcome an addiction especially

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Last updated: September 30, 2019

Addiction, according to wikipedia is”A brain disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli despite adverse consequences”There are different kinds of addictions: could be addiction to substances or actually, a particular behavior.

Some of which include;* Food* Sex* Cocaine* Alcohol* Gaming* Kleptomania* Pornography.* Gambling* SmokingAmong others…It could be hard to extremely difficult to overcome an addiction especially if self discipline and willingness to make sacrifices is lacking. And when it comes to substances, the body would have definetly gotten used to it so overcoming would definetly not be a walk-in-the-park. What if you had the chance to overcome that compulsive brain disorder? I mean what if the thin line between addiction and normal life just boils down to one question; *WOULD YOU UNDERGO A BRAIN IMPLANT?*Well, scientists are constantly working to make this a reality. Recently, an apparent pattern of electrical activity was noticed in the brain of a mice.

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This mice is addicted to fatty foods. Addiction works by predicting a reward before that specific action is done. A sudden outburst of electrical signal takes place in the nucleus accumbens: it is a segment in the *basal forebrain rostral*.This signal creates this overwhelming and exciting feeling that can complete shut the door on the world at that moment and leave you with this sudden “go ahead” desire.

By implanting electrodes, scientists sent an electrical impulse into the nucleus accumbens of the mice for 10 seconds to interrupt this signal. And yes! The mouse desire dwindled.If this were to work for humans, it will require a permanently embedded electrode in the brain which will constantly offset the electrical signals emitted by the nucleus accumbens. Well DBS (Deep-brain stimulation) is already adopted in the treatment of Parkinson disease.The future looks promising! This could change the crime world. Rape, murder and all.

You may be wondering why Murder was included. That is because murder often atimes is a factor of anger which can be caused by an outburst of overhelming emotion. Not a good feeling though.If this could actually help get over addiction, would you take a chance?

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