Adolescents in the room may interfere with adolescent’s

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Last updated: September 4, 2019

Adolescents are commonly active online and engaging with technology in the evening (Reynolds, et al., 2015). Technology plays a significant role in children and adolescents’ daily lives even until the moment they go to bed. Many of them sleep with their phones by their sides, play video games before bed, watch tv before bed and it has even been argued just technology being there in the room may interfere with adolescent’s sleep. Engaging with technology before bed has proven to lead to sleeping less at night and not experiencing quality sleep. Whether on a school night or a weekend, adolescents reported going to bed later after they’ve used the computer, an mp3 player, cell phone or played video games within an hour before going to bed. It was also found that the more frequent an adolescent uses technology before bed, the longer it takes them to fall asleep.

This study argues that during vacation time, adolescents have more time to be on social media during the day which then gives them opportunities to spend time with friends at night. With more free time during vacation, this study found that adolescents were more likely to go to bed and wake up based on personal circadian preferences. This could potentially explain why no pre-bedtime behaviors were correlated with total hours slept while on vacation due to adolescents not having strict rise and wake times.During school time and vacation time though, adolescents have reported feeling pressure to be available 24 hours a day. Adolescents may be active on their phones at night in order to reply to a text or a social media notification out of fear their friends will be upset with them for not replying or that they are missing out on something exciting.Adolescents may also choose to engage with technology rather than go to sleep because of their current cognitive development regarding risk-taking behaviors. Risky behaviors and the related consequences increase during adolescent years.

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Risky behaviors may worsen when an adolescent chooses technology over an appropriate bedtime or obtaining enough hours of sleep. If an adolescent takes the risk of not sleeping enough at night and perceives fewer consequences of this decision, this could result in a routine of unhealthy sleeping habits. (Reynolds)

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