Adolf Hitler has been known as one of the greatest evils in the history of the world

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However there is another side of him, the average person has not explored or even considered, and that is his clever, cunning and even ingenious mind! Hitler was a fantastic speaker, an imaginative publiciciser, and an incredible thinker. He was probably one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen. He used political ideas that are still not used to their full power today. He planned ahead and always knew what was around the corner and what to do about it. It is surprising how quickly he managed to grasp the power he was so hungry for. When dissecting his techniques, we see that it was all carefully planned not just luck, or fate that enabled him to achieve so much.

On January 30th 1933 Hitler became chancellor of Germany and it seemed as if the whole of Berlin took to the streets to celebrate. Becoming Chancellor allowed him access to the powers that were the key to the whole of his scheme. Once unlocked these powers would allow Hitler to do whatever it was that he wanted. This meant He could manipulate Germany to do anything he wanted using among other things, his spectacular speaking skills.As Chancellor, Hitler had access to emergency powers.

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He used these to ban the Communists. He was able to do this partially due to the Reichstag Fire. On the night of February 27 1933 the building that housed the Reichstag caught fire. Hitler claimed that the arsonist was a Communist plotting against him and the Nazis.

This therefore led to an assumption that the Communists were a danger to Germany. Hitler used this idea to his benefit as much as possible. This was how Hitler gained the access he needed to the powers given to him in Article 48- the Emergency Powers. Many historians now suggest that this fire was in fact started by the Nazis themselves in order to get what they wanted.Once he gained access to these Emergency Powers there was no stopping him.

His next mission was to attempt to pass an act which would give him the power to act without consultation. This in turn would in turn make it easier for him to form a dictatorship. This act was to be called the Enabling Act.

To pass the Enabling Act the current laws of Germany at that time stated that Hitler must get a majority of two thirds of the Reichstag in favour of it. Hitler knew that as it stood, the Reichstag, would not support him – so he needed to remove the current opposition. To do this he used two tactics.

The first of these as previously stated, was to ban the Communists. The Communists were the Nazi’s extreme enemies. They were the markers of the left wing, as the Nazi’s were on the right. Hitler hated them and felt threatened by them. This was partly because they had tried to seize power twice previously through the Spartacist Revolt and the Bavarian Uprisings both of which took place in 1919. It should also be remembered that the Communists were another large party in the Reichstag and as such a threat to the Nazis plans.As well as eradicating opposition by banning their rivals, Hitler had just made it much easier to get the two thirds majority he needed, as he now had much less opposition. Hitler needed to secure 38 votes, as well as the 288 he was guaranteed from the Nazi’s and the 52 from the Nationalists to win.

To secure his votes Hitler intimidated members of the other parties, and frightened them into voting for his policy. He threatened politicians, many with their lives if they were to vote against him.However, some did vote against him but with no effect.

Hitler won with 444 votes to 94 against. It has been said that the Reichstag voted themselves out of existence- It was true! The Enabling act is in my opinion the main way Hitler was able to remove opposition to himself during the period of March 1933 – August 1934.The Enabling Act was passed on March 5th 1933. However, although the Enabling act played a major part in the eradication of opposition there are many other ways it was also done. As Hitler was an extremely racist man, he felt anyone who wasn’t racially pure – or an Aryan – was a threat to him. He felt that the reason for some of Germany’s past problems was that racially pure people had not been in control of Germany. To make Germany prosper again, Hitler wanted to remove all racial minorities such as Jews, from positions of power and eventually drive them out of the country.To do this Hitler slowly dismantled their lives piece by piece.

As he did this many Jews left the country. One of the first steps he took was to place a ban on kosher meat. As this is the meat a Jew must eat in their religion.

It made it impossible for Jewish people to live happily in Germany. Kosher meat is meat that has been killed in a certain way, and had all of the blood removed. This left Jewish people with very few options.

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