Adoption Is An Option

The idea of abortions has seemed to sweep through the United States throughout the past decade. The number of abortions has increased to surprising levels, and America has made abortions very accessible to its citizens. According to the latest statistics from, abortion rates have risen from 744,600 in 1973, when Roe v.

s. Wade first happened, to a total of 1,365,730 abortions from ’73 until 1993 in Massachusetts alone. 1996 statistics show over 38 million abortions have taken place since 1973, and that number has most definitely risen significantly higher since then.

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Is it a wonder our country is in such a mess right now?Is it possible that so many people can be so heartless as to choose to murder their babies in abortions? I don’t feel that is the case. Rather, I believe that people don’t fully understand what abortions really are, and what goes on during one. They refuse to believe that we would come up with such a brutal “medical procedure”, and that it isn’t really killing any human lives, but instead, a few meaningless cells, like those of a virus. Unfortunately, this is not true. From the instant the mothers egg is fertilized, a human is created.

That being said, abortion is murder, no matter how you look at it. Just because we cannot see the baby, does that give us the right to blow up all the people in Europe and Asia because, hey, we can’t see them either. Certainly it does not.

Or how about those who have lost an arm or a leg, or who had rubella as an infant and never completely developed their entire body? Should we kill them too, because their bodies don’t have every single body part formed? What’s the difference? There is none.Therefore, we must think of other alternatives as to what to do with a baby who’s mother does not want them. That is where abortion comes in.

If a mother does not want her baby so much that she would be willing to kill it, she has no excuse as to why she would be against giving the baby up for adoption after delivering it. Not only will adoption spare the baby’s life, but it will also please a couple seeking a baby to love and care for. Some people aren’t fortunate enough to bear children, and would love so much to adopt a baby that they can call their own. They would love to care for a child, and watch as it grows up to become an adult.

As we all know, couples that wish to adopt must pay several thousand dollars to other countries for the child they want to adopt. If they are willing to make an investment the child, it is obvious that they want it very much, and will most likely care for the baby the best they can. Who would pay for a child if they had no interest in it? To the unfertile couple, it would be like getting that dream house they always had their eyes on, but could never afford.

Therefore, mothers that want to have an abortion cannot say that their baby might go to bad parents. As I said before, there is no excuse as to why a mother who wants an abortion can be against giving the baby to a loving couple for adoption.In conclusion, I believe anyone considering an abortion should think about what they are really going to be doing, and to then consider their alternatives. Adoption would save a life, make the mother feel better about the whole situation, and give the couple adopting the child the best gift anyone could ever receive. It would also please God, as He too values infants in their mother’s wombs, even at the earliest stages. For He “..

. knit me in my mother’s womb…” (Psalms 139:13), and “..

.created man in His image…” (Genesis 1:27). So before abortion, consider adoption, and save a life, while making everyone happy at the same time.

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