Adventures in American Literature

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Last updated: April 27, 2019

The Age of Reason
Revolutionary period using reason allowed people to govern themselves without authorities.Reason thrived on freedomLittle interest in supernatural/hereafter

What were the main literary topics during the age of reason?
Science, Ethics & Government

How did literature help to fight the American Revolution/
pamphlets, essays, speeches, songs etc

Boston Massacre
Americans refused to pay increasing taxes, English sent 800 soldiers into boston. 5 killed

Boston Tea Party
English put tax on tea, Bostonians dumped barrels of tea into harbor resulting in shut down of Boston Harbor

Benjamin Franklin
Moved from Boston age 17 to become a printerImproved Philadelphia pavements, street lighting, sanitation, fire companies and policeFounded hospital, American Philosophical Society, first circulating library, University of Pennstudied earthquakes, ocean currents, wind, lighningInvented lighning rod, bifocal glasses, harmonica, safer stoveAssisted in writing the declaratoin of Independence & constitutionDiscovered ElectricityWriter”Poor Richard” Almanacks”Autobiography”

Thomas Paine
Englishman who supported American Revolutionunsuccessful and in debt. Moved to AmericaContinental army with Washington – “these are the times that try men’s souls”French Revolution”Crisis” Papers”Common Sense”

Thomas Jefferson
leader of the RevolutionVirginia House of Burgessespamphlet on American rightsbecame President

Phillis Wheatley
Black slaveFamily she worked for taught her to read & writepoet”To his Excellency General Washington”

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