Affects of Daily Air Pollution on Our Lives

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Last updated: October 18, 2020

There are so many issues in today’s society that one can simply over look the drastic need to help control air pollution in our daily lives.

Pollution can be found everywhere- in our air, soil, water, sound and even the light. Although most air pollutants are from natural resources, a vast majority of environmental concerns are man-made. Over the last 3 days, I kept a diary of daily activities contributes to air pollution that have have done or experienced in public. Day 1- I drove to work.The exhaust from my gasoline made the air heavy and difficult to breathe. When arrived to work, cleaned my desk with a Collar wipe that released benzene into the air. Finally on day 1, on the way home from work, I noticed the paper factory’s smoke coming up from the smoke stacks contributing to the poor air quality making it difficult for people to breathe. Day 2- While getting ready for work, I sprayed my hair spray releasing more benzene into the the air.

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I also opened my refrigerator to make my lunch, not o many people think that just by opening the refrigerator, you are polluting the air but you are.By just opening the door, it releases ozone-depleting substances. Finally on day 2, I tested out our portable generator because hurricane season had begun. By just starting the generator, carbon dioxide was released into the atmosphere. Day 3- it was Saturday. I began my day by helping my husband with hardwood.

He mowed the lawn with a gas powered lawn mower and used an edger to make our flower bed look presentable. Both of these pieces of equipment released not only methane but carbon dioxide into the air.After the yard work, we burnt loose branches and twigs from around the yard in a outdoor wood-fired boilers releasing carbon monoxide into our air. After doing housework and working in the yard, we celebrated the end of a productivity Saturday by having a barbecue with our neighbors and all our children. By lighting the barbecue, It released more carbon dioxide into our After looking over our daily activities for the last 3 days, can honestly say hat never thought of how much air pollution I was doing in my daily life.By writing this paper, I gained a sense of responsibility to help conserve the air that was given to us by God. I will now try to limit the number of times I open/close my refrigerator in a day and also be conscience of how many times I use the wood fire boiler to burn the garbage thaw find in our yard.

I believe the biggest contributor to air pollution is the use Of my hair spray every morning as I get ready for work. My goal for the rest of 2013 is to minimize how much hair spray I use.

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