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Last updated: July 12, 2019

After the midterm,we had a new course called practical etiquette lesson, which is an interstingand practical course.

The site of practical etiquette lesson was in the bigclassroom reading academy buliding. More than 200 students had lessonstogether. In first lesson, we learnd greeting etiquette. I found that the practicaletiquette lesson is quite rich in content.

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The lesson power points were illustrated.Some attractive videos were also set during the class which made us understanddifferent aspects of etiquette well. Meanwhile, as a student, I am glad to seethat we can get the time to do discussion in the class. And then some group ofstudents could get the opportunity to do performance at the platform.

Theactivities not only activate the atmosphere of the classroom but also deepenour understanding of lesson content. In our etiquettelesson, I have learned a lot of knowledge about etiquette, but the most impressiveone was table manners. It is known that food the first necessity of people.When we go abroad, it is necessary for us to know the basic manner duringeating western food. When we are going to sit, the most appropriate wayto sit is from the left. When the chair is pulled apart, the body standsupright at the distance of the table, and the leader will push the chairforward, and the leg bends over the rear chair and sits down.

During the meal,the upper arm and back should be back on the back of the chair, with theabdomen and the table keeping the distance of about one fist. It’s best toavoid sitting in a two legs crossed position. After sitting, the first thing weneed to pay attention to is the setting rules for western dining utensils. Anexample is the most common tableware arrangement in restaurants, the mid siteof the table is the dinner plate and soup bowl. Maybe a napkin on it. On itsleft hand there are three forks which are fish course fork,meat course fork andsalad course fork respectively. On its right hand there are always have saladcourse knife, meat course knife, fish course knife and soup spoon. In the aboveof dinner plate, there is a pair of dessert fork and spoon.

Several of glassesshould be put in the top right corner. From left to right, there are watergoblet, red wine glass, white wine glass, sherry glass respectively. Futher more,the posture to hold the glass is also important. When we hold the goblet ofglass, raise the height about five centimeters or so.

The correct position isto hold a cup foot with fingers. To avoid hand temperature increase winetemperature. Use the thumb, middle finger and forefinger to hold the cup foot,and the little finger is put at the bottom of the cup. we have to put our glassto the line of sight, face each other and say, “I’ll drink it,” andthen take a bite.

It is not allowed to let the cup collide during cheers.

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