After conceived. One that recreated the nation. Americans

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After the American revolution of the late 1700s, the new independentnation had discovered powerful political, social and economic forces thattransformed the society. At the start on the nineteenth century, a morecommercial country was conceived. One that recreated the nation. Americansdisplaced the traditional methods of trade, appropriation and production aperiod known as the Market revolution. A time where these customary economicsystems was replaced with a modern capitalist market society.

       The Market Revolution resonated throughoutthe United states as agriculture became directly related to profits. Developmentsin technology, transportation and industry connected markets and allowed foreasier way to move various goods. It also created a more integrated nationaleconomy. There was the development of the telegraph, power press, railroadsthat created directs routs allowing for faster exchange of goods and services.Additionally, there was reorganization in the countries labor system. Accordingto the American Yawp, “Slave-labor helped fuel the market revolution. By1832, textile companies made up 88 out of 106 American corporations valued atover $100,000.

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” (American Yawp). The Norths textile factories dependedheavily on the southerner’s cotton and gave rise to the “cotton kingdom”(American Yawp). The growth and spread of the Market Revolution in the Unitedstates changed the American society, capitalism developed to the point wherethe means of production and distribution of land, factories, technology wereprivately owned and individuals deploy capital to make decisions for profit. Therewas changes in the social structure as well as gender roles.

Women of wealthybackground or families were idealized to be at home while women with poor homesmade their way into the workforce which put a lot of emphasis on domesticity. Inaddition to these changes, the Northern and Southern economies grew apart. Northernerswere more focused on industrial aspects and free labor whereas the North reliedheavily on agriculture and enslaved labor. Despite the growing differences, theyboth needed each other for the growth if the economy.

     In the nineteenthcentury, American recreated its nation on the basis on capitalism. They creatednew ways of technology, transportation and manufacturing goods known as themarket revolution. This restructuring of the U.S.

brought about changes toAmericans some of which included change in social construction,industrialization and separation of north and south regarding slavery despitethe use of it by both parties.

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