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Last updated: February 26, 2019

After a long time deciding on my IR question, I’ve come up with a question that may interest many and my question is “What are the causes and effects of the social media in our marketing society?”. I chose to ask this question not because I like social media but because i am very interested in the marketing side of social media. As I scroll my instagram feed i sometimes come across ads (advertisements) or paid partnership videos done by models, companies and youtubers which made me wonder how the marketing society has developed since social media’s rise in the world. Usually advertisements on youtube work like this: they follow what types of content you’ve been watching and tries to match the content of the ads to them. They do this to lure your interests in the ads.

So if you’ve been watching Beauty Bloggers or Make up Artists then it is very likely for your advertisements to be about makeup and beauty. Some proof on what i’ve just explained “YouTube works hard to show the right ad to the right viewer at the right time. Ads are matched to specific audiences.”  Many social media apps work the same and tracks down what kind of content you are interested in. Although Facebook and Twitter are the key platforms worldwide to market your products or services, unfortunately in China they are blocked/banned. When it comes to Chinese Social Media Marketing, you have to use different apps to communicate with your Chinese audience on their own Social Media platforms, such as Weibo (equivalent of Facebook and Twitter in China), especially Sina Weibo, Tencent Qzone (equivalent of Facebook and Twitter in China), Tencent QQ (Instant Message tools), Tencent Wechat (Mobile communication and private social networking app), Renren (equivalent of Facebook in China) and Youku and Tudou (equivalent of YouTube in China).

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So theses informations mean that the Chinese government does not want china to have western made apps and want locally made apps that will benefit them. A researcher in China has said that the percentage of Chinese people who feel positively about social media has slipped by 4 points from last year to 61%. At the same time 15% of respondents said social media has made their lives worse, an increase of 2 percentage points. It showed that social media penetration in China has now reached half (51%) of the urban population, an increase of 17 percentage points on the previous year.

“People in China are using social media more than ever, but continue to worry about its negative impact on their lives,” it said.

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