After studies seemed the obvious choice. Since I

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Last updated: September 16, 2019

After the euphoria ofgetting good grades in my O level examination subsided, I was faced with thedaunting task of choosing subjects for A levels. Coming from a family where myfather and grandfather have been exporting garments since three decades, businessstudies seemed the obvious choice. Since I had not taken this subject earlier,I was not too sure that this was the right choice, but once classes commenced,all my apprehensions were laid to rest.Today, business studies are one of the most important andwidely taught subject at university level. Nowadays just talent and hard workcannot ensure success, as marketing skills are required not only to sellproducts and ideas, but also to market individuals. Look at our politicians,actors and sportsman and you will see the marketing strategies involved increating and promoting their positive images. Furthermore, studying aboutfinance enables us to manage our funds in a more organized manner, and toinvest in places where we get the highest returns, with the least amount ofrisk.

So, I think that to excel in any field, a sound knowledge of business isrequired.Taking up business studies sparked a passion in me fordreaming big, for revolutionizing my family business, and for working hardtowards achieving those dreams. Case studies of businesses which weretransformed from being unprofitable ventures on the brink of bankruptcy, intohighly profitable ventures, have been a major source of inspiration for me. Isincerely believe that my passion, fueled by a good education, would  lead to the realization of my dreams.Last summer I got the opportunity to work with my father andassist him in his business. This proved to be a great learning experience forme. Concepts like costing, budgeting, management, organization and motivationwere all being implemented practically, and this gave me a better understandingof what I had studied in school. It also helped me to grow and mature as aperson, as I worked with seasoned businessmen, and observed how they handledtough situations and challenges.

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I feel more confident now about being fullyprepared for the business program at university level.My other two elective subjects for A levels also helped insharpening my mental skills and improving my analytical abilities. Sociologyhas given me a better understanding of people, their behavior, their cultureand their attitudes. English Literature exposed me to the work of variousauthors, and has helped me to analyze and discuss human emotions and thoughtprocesses.

The skills I have acquired studying these subjects will provebeneficial for me in future.Apart from academic learning, I have always enjoyed playingvarious sports. I was on my school’s football and basketball teams.

Not onlywas this a way of staying healthy and fit, but it was also a means of learningdiscipline and team work. The defeats I faced made me stronger and gave me thewill to try harder to succeed. My physical and mental fitness was put to testwhen I joined Tae kwon do classes. Tae kwon do improve my physical strength andagility and taught me perseverance. All my efforts finally paid off when I wasawarded a black belt, the highest rank of learning in Tae kwon do.Besides this, I have also been actively participating involuntary work for the Children’s Cancer Hospital. Seeing the sufferings ofyoung children developed compassion and empathy in me. There is a desire withinme to help those who are surrounded by adversities in life, and I plan to continuehelping the underprivileged members of society.

I have been fortunate enough to have travelled the worldextensively; Middle East, Far East, Europe and UK. Exposure to diversecultures, customs and traditions has created an appreciation of various racesand their lifestyles. Faced with difficulties in foreign lands, and beingable to handle them has been a boost for my self-confidence.

My goal in life now is to acquire a degree in business fromthe UK and to transform my family business into a bigger and more successfulventure. I also plan to set up a vocational training center for theunderprivileged members of society. Aspiring to bring these dreams to life, Ilook forward to my student life in the UK.

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