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Agatha Christie started her writing career at the age of 11 years old. She came down with influenza and her mother suggested that during her bedrest time she try and write down her stories that she was so fond of telling. Agatha in the beginning had no ambition to be a writer, but that all changed after she found herself to be in the local London newspaper also at the age of 11.

By her teenage years she had multiple poems published. Agatha then started writing plays in 1930, her first play was called Black Coffee. In the same year, 1926, Agatha’s mother died and Agatha’s husband of the time Archibald Christie revealed he had been having an affair. Traumatized, Agatha fled and was later discovered at a hotel registered under the name of her husband’s mistress.  in 1928 Agatha proceeded to divorce Mr.

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Christie. Agatha Christie’s 2 most famous publications would be “And Then There Were None”, and “The Murder of Rodger Ackroyd”. “And Then There Were None” was a best seller because it was a seemingly impossible crime said Agatha Christie. Furthermore, “The Murder of Rodger Ackroyd”, unlike her first publication “And Then There Were None” this book was more of a who done it type.

Which is also why it was considered to be a best seller. Although it was a very close tie on which Agatha Christie novel was the Top 2 sellers, these two books took the titles. And Then There Were None was a novel about 10 strangers who all were selected to take a trip to Indian Island. They all think they were chosen for different reasons. At dinner every night a record plays and a voice of the unseen host starts to speak of each person hiding a guilty secret. They realize the killer is one of the 10 and must find out who before they strike again and again.

The Murder of Rodger Ackroyd was about Rodger Ackroyd who apparently knew too much. He knew his current wife had poisoned her first husband. Before he could react, he found out his beloved had overdosed on drugs and passed away.

In a turn of events, Rodger Ackroyd was stabbed to death by a unknown person.  The Mysterious Affair at Styles was a play about a guy, Mr. Hastings, who was sent back to his home country due to a serious injury during World War 1. He is invited to spend his leave at the Styles Court by his old friend John. At styles he meets johns step mother and her most recent husband. While their stay at Styles is going well something just doesn’t seem right to Mr. Hastings. When Johns step mother is found poisoned, it falls back on John’s family, and another old friend, Hercule Poirot, is the one who is chosen to investigate.

She chose these characters because they were a part of her life in World War 1. Agatha Christie was a well-known author all around the world due to her mind-boggling mystery novels everyone so much loves. She passed away at the age of 85 in 1976.

Her daughter Rosalind Hicks has worked to maintain and strengthen the reputation her mother has and protect the integrity of her novel works. Agatha Christie will forever be remembered as the famous and amazing author she had become over her lifetime. 

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