Agents Everyone is born into some some type

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Agents of socialization are the family, peer groups, school, and mass media, and these groups dictate someone’s social and self-development. Agents of socialization provide children with critical information that is needed to function successfully as a member of society. Each agent of socialization is linked to each other.

The family is the primary and is a very  important agent of socialization. In most societies, the family has always been considered as a social institution and that’s why the family is the biggest impact on society. Everyone is born into some some type of family, then the family is responsible for nurturing, teaching them the appropriate behaviors for their family structure and society. There are many different types of families, which is described as a relationship that includes parents and children, it can also have anyone related by adoption or blood. Peer groups are a big factor in most people’s lives and sometimes people do not realize it. Friends and can influence so much about you, like interests, behavior, appearance and much more. From a young age, your peer groups is a very massive agent of socialization.

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At the age of 5, you start to socialize with other people that are not your family and these people can influence you more. Whether your peer group is a good or bad the influences on a person is very debatable.School is the first place that children really begin to socialize with others in a public environment. At school children meet new kids, learn about good norms, and learn accepted moral values. School is also a very influential socialization agent in children’s life. School teaches children many crucial norms and values but can not teach them everything.

Children need to know how to make it through life, they have to learn certain things for themselves.Mass media has become a major influential socialization agent in society. The mass media, internet, phones, and all other technology gadgets are needed for society to function as well as all people.

In today’s society technology has become a drug that we can not live without.

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