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Last updated: September 26, 2019

Aims & ObjectivesThe thesis endeavors to WasteManagement Practices of Senior High School in Island Garden City of Samalas a system and recommend solutions using a systems approach.

 Thespecific aims are the following:     To present the current state of SWMin Island Garden City of Samal, the challenges it faces and the actorsinvolved.     To analyze the relationships between significantelements in the Island Garden City of Samal Solid Waste Management systemusing causal loop analysis.     To create models to illustrate theserelationships.     To create and model scenarios whereindifferent solutions in the SWM system are applied.     To evaluate the effect of theseimprovements to the SWM system.     To recommend and discuss applicablesolutions to the SWM system.

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               Research Question            Thisstudy was designed to address the following questions:1.      Haveyou ever been educated on proper waste management?2.     Do you know about environmentalimpact of solid waste?3.     Do you ever noticewaste in the road land or public area?4.     Do you ever notice waste in waterresources such as the rivers, lakes, sea etc.?5.

     Do you ever noticeburning waste in public area?6.      Didyou ever bear health problems due to solid waste?7.      Wouldyou personally say that the solid waste is a major issue currently affectingnatural environment?8.     Doyou think most environmental issue could be minimized if solid waste is managedproperly?9.    Overall,how would you rate the quality of environment as compared to the environmentyou had 5 years ago.

10.  Has your school adopted an officialpolicy to reduce the generation of solid waste and improveits management?11.  Doyou currently Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle?12.  Doyou think that people near waste dumps and landfills are suffering fromrespiratory problems, eye diseases and water borne diseases?13.  Areyou involved to the Clean and Green Program?14.  Haveyou ever heard solid waste management?15. Do you believe that there’s money inyour garbage?16.

                       Arethere any public bins near your house?17.  Haveyou ever heard about the importance of recycling?18. Are you in favor of “no segregation, nocollection?”       Significanceof the study            The collection of refuseis irregular and efficient in Island Garden City of Samal. Litter and refuseoften accumulated along roads and public places, creating breeding ground formosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and rodents responsible for the spread of manydiseases.

The vehicles used were open trucks, which exposed their putrefyingload for all to see and smell as they move through the city. Drains and riverswere choked with refuse and there was open burning of waste everywhere. Theresult reveals whether the publics are aware of the health implications ofindiscriminate refuse dump. It also shows why governmental effort may not beenough in solving environmental problem and why individual must be involved.            The study would be utilized by the government at bothfederal and the level through their various Heads like, Head of Environment,Head of Education, Head of Health and Head of Information.                      Bibliography   

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