Alias Grace- the Doubled Victorian Image of Womanhood

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Dry. Cordon’s speech, resists the patriarchal/linguistic role he has created for her. Discuss the ‘doubled Victorian Image of womanhood’ in light of this comment that was displayed In the novel. The ‘doubled Victorian image of womanhood’ served as an advantage to women back In the 1 9th Century.

It not only allowed women to subtly resist the existing patriarchal society but also allowed them to have some, maybe equal, If not more power over the men as men have over them.This doubled Image Is that of a person ender some form of authority but at the same time, Is also temporarily In control of certain situations which sometimes determine the outcome. This Image can be clearly fitted onto a domestic bound figure-woman and In particular that of the lower classed maidservants. Women of the lower classes are seen as nothing more than whore’s and that they are something to be taken advantage or possession of. Blinded by the sense of authority that they think they possess, the men fail to realism that these women, the whore’s, do have some power and influence over them.In Grace’s case of deliberately misunderstanding Dry Cordon’s speech, she is knowingly resisting the patriarchal and linguistic role that he had created for her. With their relationship being that of a doctor and patient, naturally, she has to submit to him as the authoritative figure. Dry Jordan establishes his position as the patriarch by taking advantage of Grace’s weakness- “l understand that you are afraid of doctors.

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I must tell you right away that I myself am a doctor. ” He already is superior by being present in the room with Grace.In reminding her that she is afraid of doctors, he raises the bar and magnifies the gap in their relationship, creating tooth a patriarchal and linguistic role for Grace to submit to. Dry Jordan (thinks he) is able to manipulate Grace by bringing in items like apple, turnip, and parsnip in attempts to recover her lost memory by using the word-association method. He may be able to set Grace in the direction that he wants her to go but is unable to determine what and how Grace chooses to answer.Here, the “doubled image” is used to her advantage as he fails to get the desired response.

She resists the linguistic role by using her speech as the resistant language. “Perhaps I will tell you lies. ” By resisting the linguistic role that causes her to subsequently resist the patriarchal role that Dry Jordan created for her, Grace manages to slip out of his grip. In fact, she slips out of the whole system that he has set up for her.

“What does Apple make you think of? My sampler I say. She does not tell him of the apple peelings Incident which first came to mind. Instead, she settles on saying “my sampler”. The “doubled Image” comes Into play as her answer makes It “his turn to know nothing”. Grace Is under Dry Cordon’s authority but at the same time is in control of the situation. Her console AT answer determines ten outcome. Seen results ten linguistic role Day deliberately supplying the “wrong” answer-“I give my stupid look..

. The apple of the Tree of Knowledge, is what he means- Good and evil. Any child could guess it.But I will not oblige. I go back to my stupid look. ” Using her position as the patient- the inferior one, she plays dumb and deliberately misunderstands Dry Cordon’s speech. Adding to the advantage that the “doubled image” gives her, she managed to figure Dry Jordan out when he is still clueless and searching for answers. She was able to ink Dry Jordan to Dry Bantering upon releasing that they worked on parallel principles as they are both doctors who are objective and deductive in nature – “There is always a right answer.

So, Grace was able to cleverly pull some strings by looking at their facial expressions which clearly displayed their reaction to her response- “… You can tell by their faces whether you have guessed what it is.

” “If you could make a quilt all for yourself, which pattern would you make? Well, there is no doubt about that, I know the answer. It would be a Tree of Paradise…

But what I say to him is different. I say, I don’t know, Sir. ” Quilt making is a domestic activity and is a huge part of womanhood.Most, if not all women do quilting in their free time- “a Long Cabin quilt is a thing every young woman should have before marriage. ” Quilting is a part of who each female individual is.

Most, I believe, would make quilts of their own desires, of something that represents who they are. In attempts to find out more about her hidden desires, Dry Jordan asks Grace “what would you sew after this? ” Grace knows the answer well and does not need to think twice about it but she replies “… L don’t know, Sir. Perhaps it would be…

By not giving him a direct answer, she is resisting the linguistic role he created for her. Not only does she resist the patriarchal and linguistic role by means of the “doubled Victorian image” but also through the domestic activity of sewing and quilting (which still “credits” womanhood). Most of Graces response is given while she is sewing. With most of the time looking down and having no eye contact with Dry Jordan, the patriarchal dominance is minimized. She does not have to come clean. Thus, this activity gives leeway for Grace to slip out of sticky situations by acting innocent and numb.

She slips out of his game by creating another of her own, which is leaving him to work his way out and make sense of her answers (which are dead ends). As mentioned before, Dry Jordan is not able to determine how she responds. Even while on her own, she manipulates what comes out of her mouth- “.

.. But I didn’t see why I shouldn’t make it come out in a better way; and as long as I told no one of what was in my mind, there was no one to hold me to account, or correct me..

. ” I believe this says a great deal of who Grace is and is her reason to resist the linguistic role created for her.

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