Although that includes :prohibition the export to North

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Although sanctions are effective actions that can be taken to prevent conflict or restore peace, it is too easy to go overboard and destroy the lives on millions, an entire country unintentionally. The extent of the impact of UN sanctions insufficiently understood in the field to the point that donors withhold aid to aovoid violation of these sanctions. The United States of America has been pushing for severe sanctions on North Korea, a full blockade, but other sensible countries have pointed that that would result in the collapse of North Korea which would cause the displacement of millions of North Koreans who have nowhere to go.

As of now, the United Nations Security Council has imposed various sanctions on North Korea that includes :prohibition the export to North Korea of some military supplies and luxury goods; establishment  of the UN  Security Council Sanctions Committee on North Korea whose responsibilities included gathering information, clarifying sanctions, monitoring them, and issuing recommendations; arms embargo wherein member states were encouraged to inspect ships and aircraft, and destroy any cargo if they suspect it will directly contribute to DPRKs military forces; economic sanctions on money transfers to shut North Korea out of the international financial system; bans on the export of copper, nickel, zinc, silver, gold, vanadium, titanium, rare earth metals, lead, seafood, joint ventures, textile, and coal and iron with an exemption for coal and iron transactions that were purely for “livelihood purposes; bans on natural gas condensate and liquid imports; limitations on North Korean crude oil and refined petroleum product imports; bans on North Korean nationals from working in foreign countries . But implementation of these sanctions are still questionable as on February 2017, a UN panel said that 116 of 193 member states had not yet submitted a report on their implementation of these sanctions, though China had and within the new light of a recent report from the INSTITUTE FOR SCIENCE AND INTERNATIONAL SECURITY (ISIS)  which revealing 49 countries who have violated these sanctions. Solutions:Security Council should perform more thorough and scientific assessments of the impacts of sanctions before carrying them out and ensure plans for every possible scenario.fairness and transparency of sanctions procedures to address human rights have to be addressed and improved uponThe difference between aid and a violation of sanctions has to be well defined and a consicse line to be drawn between them.Yemen is a country going through many problems simultaneously .

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These problems complement each other by aggravating each other into serious threats. The Yemen civil started in 20165 between the Houthi rebels allied with the former president Ali Abdullah Saleh and the government of president Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi for control of the country. As of now, the Houthi forces have taken the capital Sana’s. Saudi Arabia led coalition of several Arab countries to support Hadi’s government. At least 8600 people have been killed and 49000 injured till now in the Yemen civil war, many of them in air strikes by the Saudi-led multinational coalition that backs the president. Even though the humanitarian community in Yemen and the international community  have urged all sides of the conflict to exercise caution to ensure the safety of innocent civilians, in line with International Humanitarian Law, the total number of civilian casualties has been confirmed by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, in March 2017, to be 13920,  under which 5159 have been killed and 8761 have been injured.

But the biggest number of deaths is not caused by direct attacks and are rather the side effects of the ongoing war. Already a poor country classified as arid or desert, which relied on imported food, 2 years of conflict had turned 17 million people (approximately two-thirds of Yemen’s population) food-insecure .Saudi Arabia, supporting the government of President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, imposed almost a total blockade on Yemen stopping water, fuel and food from coming in in early November pushing the country onto the brink of famine. This has been barely prevented by international humanitarian aid, but even this was difficult as it faced the lack of fund from the international community (World Food Programme is facing a shortfall of $390000000 for the future through March 2018), fuel shortage and  “chronic delay in issuance of flying permits by relevant authorities”. Thousands of children have died from malnutrition. On top of that, the number of cholera cases have shot up since 2016, the year after the Yemen civil war began, and still remains on the rise, even with international humanitarian efforts.

This is due to the reasons mentioned above.The Democratic People’s Republic Of Korea is impartial to this conflict. It has engaged in arms deal with mainly Iran and Libya in the middle East. Iran has been accused of supporting the Houthi forces and has denied this claim. Although, the DPRK is making arms deal with Iran, it is not directly involved and is impartial in the conflict.

It advocates with China for a diplomatic solution to the Yemen crisis who have stated that they believe that the coalition intervention is an Irresponsible Escalation and  completely unnecessary.Solutions:-Saudi Arabia and its multinational coalition and any other countries should immediately cease support of any sides in the Yemen Civil War and let the country’s residents manage their countrys political matters.-The only interference in the country should be provision of humanitarian aids to victims and peacekeepers to minimize danger.-The international community, especially Saudi Arabia, should provide sufficient funding to World Food Programme and other UN organs for aid.

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