Althought of people, it changes the way people create

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Last updated: September 30, 2019

Althought 3D printing sounds science fiction to a lot of people, it changes the way people create objects.

The technology is now becoming available to everyone producing their own toys, shoes, foods, medication and even body parts.3D printing is known as additive manufacturing, there are there compulsory factors required turn virtual into physical model, An object is created by adding material layer by layer. Additive manufacturing allows designer to creat complex parts machines, airplanes and cars’ part in inductrial aspect. Now smaller version 3D printer is bringing additive manufacturing to home and businesses.

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The first step in 3D printing is create a blueprint of the object. Blueprint can be designed on modelling software such as Solidworks and Blender or obtained from Thinginverse and Shapeways website. The finished design is sent to the 3D printer and materials are extruded to form the object layer by layer. The most common printing materials used nowadays is plastic, but other materials such as metal, cement, food pastes and human cells are also used to produce from simple toys to parts of Mars RoverIn the medical world, doctors are testing bio-materials to generate medicine or even human body parts. According to a bioprinting project conducted by Dr. Anthony Atala at the Wake Forest University of Medicine, tissue can be printed with human cells. In particular, the materials used in this printing process are biodegradable gel and actual human cells.

The project achieved artificial ears, noses, fingers, kidneys and real skin cells. These printed body parts open an opportunity to survive for transplant waiting patients. Good, cheap, fastGood: Airplane air duct is a good example of 3D printed functional parts used in aerospace industryHollywood is using 3D printing to make costumes like parts of the suits in Iron Man 23D foof printing has allowed the creation of chocolate peatnut butter  

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