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Last updated: August 25, 2019

. Imagemetamorphosis is a proved powerful visual effects tool. Apart from the projects undertaken incollege, it was my avidity to gain exposure to the company and Simultaneously, thusexhorted me to take active participation in various trainings. I have completedsuccessfully the training at Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited in 2011. Having acquireda strong groundwork in the Computer Engineering field, I have taken a part in extracurricularactivities. I have presented papers on the topic such as Cyber Crime, ImageMorphing Using Deformation Technique, Cloud Computing, 6th sensetechnology in four National level presentation competitions as well as achieved1st position in “ELECTRO-CEMICS” Poster Designing Competition,where I have made a poster of “Bluetooth Device Traffic Monitoring System”.  Participating in various cultural activities mademe to love what I was doing and enjoy what I was learning at this stage of mycareer, I acquired1st position inCollege level Fashion Show Competition and “Female Voice” award inSinging Competition in 2012.

Apart from this  Ihandled the role of being the Student Representative of the Computer Engineeringbranch for two years, and the various responsibilities such as acting as a bondbetween students and faculties, assisting students, organizing class eventsbrought to the fore my leadership abilities. As a member of C.S.O.R.G.

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(Computer Science StudentsOrganization) Committee, I played an important role in organizing social,technical and cultural events.  Iactively participated in organizing the event “Green Day” to attract all peoplearound for plantation. I myself have taken classes for underprivileged children,I loved and enjoyed this experience.    After contemplating my interest and completing my bachelor’s degree inComputer Engineering, I was interested in joining Information TechnologyIndustry. Consequently, I pursued my dream by enrolling two year MBA course inInformation Technology at Symbiosis International University, Pune.

I amintroduced to various management subjects including Information System Management,Information Security Management and Software Solutions Management.  The academic curriculum helped me to upbringmy analytical skills. These strong management studies have given me a betterunderstanding of the immense potential of managerial skills to exteriorize newinnovative ideas, the ideas which are still helping me to enrich my skills inday to day life and making  me realizethe beauty of attaining knowledge. Perhaps the mostinteresting part was during the third semester of my MBA course, I have done aproject in 3 months of Internship at “MobCast Innovations”, Mumbai. The projecttitled “Market Expansion of MobCast- A Mobile Broadcast Web Platform?: a projectthat is part of the long term initiative taken by MobCast Innovations Pvt.

Ltd.to expand their presence in new markets. Being A Business DevelopmentConsultant,  I have done the phase wise analysisof work done- mymajor role was Client Acquisition, Meeting the prospect client andunderstanding their Requirement, Creating Minutes of meeting for clientknowledge and recreating RFP, Market Research, Competitive Analysis and Pricing Strategies. Duringthe project, I found out and faced various problems that ultimately werepushing the company behind. Some of the findings and recommendations were alsoconveyed to the management which were crucial for the efficient functioning ofthe company. Another most interesting project was “MillionSouls” which was conducted by IIT Bombay and as a member of  the SSR (Student’sSocial Responsibilities) committee in SCIT, I worked and loved the experience. Meand my team carried out a survey by making questionnaires and finding out answersfrom localites by visiting the most poor locality, where students were using SolarLamps for study as no electricity was in the villages. Apart from this I had beena volunteer of events such as TEDx, Pinkathon, Green Ganesha, Old age homevisit.

  The hours of hardwork that I put into excel in my education gave me an opportunity to work withInfosys Limited at Banglore as a Data Privacy Analyst. Working with themultinational company for one year and five months, I substantiated myknowledge with my due diligence andperseverance under the aegis of experienced seniors and I believe Isuccessfully played my role and handled my responsibilities to my best possibleefforts and achievements.  The soul of universityeducation lies in the success of the representative relationship between thestudent and the department. The ISM (Information System Management) offered byNUI Galway will definitely give me a great opportunity to pursue my career inInformation technology. I am especially excited by education being carried outin NUI Galway, the course will provide me the right knowledge and opportunitiesto the fullest extent.

I want to specialize in the field of Information SystemManagement to exploit the significant potential, not only will this help me toaggregate all my previous knowledge & experience, it may also open moreoptions for my career in IT industries. It is with this in mind that I am lookingforward to join the university to have a spectacular academic background, consistentlypositive atmosphere to learn new skills and enthusiasm in all the future yearsof my life. People fromvaried culture and nationality take admissions to your university, I am sure thatmy exposure to these kinds of diverse influences would help me to make me moreflexible, creative, interesting, smarter andalso aid in the overall development of my personality. Finally, I takethis opportunity to thank you for giving me a chance to express myself andand I look forward for my admission for the ISM (Information System Management)program  into your esteemed university.


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